"COVID-19" and "physically distance" were both added to the dictionary in 2020.

The words that were added to the dictionary in a given year say a lot about what was happening in the world at the time. 

In 1977, the year I was born, "bad cholesterol," "headbanger," and "money shot" all made their debut in the ever-revered Merriam-Webster dictionary. In 1998, the year I was married, "webinar" and "cyberbullying" appeared on the scene. Signs of the times, indeed.

If you go back far enough in Merriam-Webster's Time Traveler tool, the results are more about which words were first recorded to have been in print in a given year. For instance, in 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed, words like "slaveholder," "agricultural," and "shotgun" were used or seen in print for the very first time. But words "preggers" and "take-home pay" weren't seen in print until 1942.

Here are some of our favorites:

1500: brownie, cadaver, frisky, slippery

1600: bedroom, candidate, carry on, dessert

1700: bachelor's degree, doll, wheelchair, whippersnapper

1800: berserk, malformation, methodology, tranquilizer

1850: chewing gum, hippo, homeowner, overstress, voodoo

1900: Easter Bunny, labor camp, nonstop, self-motivated, sit-up

1925: cannoli, extramarital, hot seat, sweatpants, vitamin E

1940: citizen's arrest, disc jockey, Monterey Jack, sloppy joe, tell-all, withholding tax

1950: bioengineering, Big Brotherism, deep fryer, dystopia, nail-biter, sonogram, space shuttle, tape-record, tapped-out

1960: bug-out bag, cyborg, mayo, meet and greet, Montezuma's Revenge, peace corp, stink eye, valet parking, wide-receiver

1970: bummed, hatchback, nunchuck, pro-life, punk rock, safe space, toll-free, yucky, zip line

1980: bitmap, director's cut, home video, homeschool, macchiato, voice mail, wind farm, yuppie, ziplock

1990: fam, hand gel, left-click, McMansion, spam, tight-whities, twentysomething, World Wide Web

2000: deep state, geocaching, google, Molly, sudoku, TiVo

2005: Debbie Downer, glamping, on-brand, paleo, sexting

2010: Instagram

2014: hard pass

2018: remdesivir

2020: coronavirus disease 2019

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