Twitter is a giant window looking into thousands of home offices right now. If you're working from home, how is your setup?  

As we all hunker down to ward off COVID-19, those who can work remotely are finding that going to the office maybe wasn't so bad after all.

Some are choosing to start each day with a virtual commute.

Business casual, who?

Keep in mnid, if you can't reach someone, they may be "at lunch."

Where you set up your workspace matters. Apparently, the kitchen isn't a great idea.

Pro tip: find your angles before the video call starts.

Don't worry if you don't have a proper desk; just about any flat surface will do.

Try to keep clutter to a minimum, even if it snores.

If you get lonely, you can always recruit coworkers from around your own home.

Those of us with coworkers are having a hard time with office politics. The concept of personal space is clearly lost on some.

All joking aside, remember why we're working from home and don't be like this guy:

What does your home office setup look like? Are you getting much done as you work from home? Let us know in the comments!