Enjoy your newfound title while doing good preserving natural areas of the United Kingdom.

Daydreaming of the high life of the British aristocratic Crawley family made the terms, "Lord" and "Lady" quite common worldwide. In the award-winning series Downton Abbey, viewers engaged in the life, drama, and interaction of high-society and their live-in staff servants.

And now, you can officially register your name and purchase a "Lord" or "Lady" title though a variety of United Kingdom companies. Purchase a title for yourself or for a friend as a gift at Christmastime!

"Surprised my husband, whilst out for the first time since Covid19 deconfinement in order to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary, with a Lordship. Decided to treat myself to a Ladyship at the same time. After all, I couldn’t have him Lording over me. Anyway, I’m the true Lady of the house ha ha ha ha. Superb," said one reviewer.

According to Elite Titles, "Lord literally means, 'a Ruler, a Sovereign or a Master. One possessing supreme power, a Feudal Superior and the holder of a Manor.' Lady is the female equivalent. It can be used by an unmarried woman in her own right, or by the wife of a man with the title: Lord, Baron or Sir." Elite Titles offers a variety of title packages, including Lord/Lady, Duke/Dutchess, Baron/Baroness, and Earl/Count/Countess.

Non-seated titles start at $250 each at Elite Titles. Or for nearly $1,500, you can secure seated titles for a family of three. Seated titles allow you to be treated like royalty wherever you go and have access to the best seats and hotel upgrades. 

For as little as $225, you can begin your journey with Highland Titles and purchase your 100-square-foot everlasting gift of Scottish land in Glencoe Wood. "'Over 200,000 people have become Lords and Ladies of Glencoe' - helping to create nature reserves in Scotland." The smaller one-square-foot-plot costs just $60 and still includes the title registry the gift pack and VIP membership. 

Established Titles offer titles with land plots in the beautiful and serene woodlands of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. For $49,95, you'll receive a title, plot of land (one to 10 square feet), a certificate, and a tree planted to preserve the natural area.

Do I need to be of a certain nationality in order to buy a title pack?
No, you do not - our title packs are available to all nationalities and ages.

Scottish Laird Gifts provides accompanying gifts (stationary, ornaments, homeware, and even face masks) to its title packages while supporting the Dunans Castle restoration. Packages include a variety of benefits: certificates, plots of land, planted trees, or personalized emails. The Castle Package, priced nearly at $1,300, includes a night's stay in the castle once it's restored.

“There is no particular occasion for [my purchase], it’s only because I like the concept and I think it’s a nice and original way to participate [ in ] the preservation of Dunans Castle [ … ] and a carbon-aware, ecologically-sound project," said another reviewer.

Companies have extended offers and even discounts via Groupon. Lordship Titles is offering titles up to 90 percent off of their published rates. This translates to receiving your new title of "Lord" or "Lady" for only $12.

It's time people refer to you with the same respect and honor as Mr. Carson, Downton Abbey's head butler, would use when refering to the Crawley family. Can you hear "Lord" or "Lady" in front of your name?

Any Lords or Ladies out there? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.