ICYMI, Peloton just put out their holiday commercial, and to say it's a bit cringe-worthy is an understatement. 

To be fair, getting an expensive piece of exercise equipment would be a nice gift. That said, the execution of the script is a little more Sleeping with the Enemy than White Christmas. Twitter has come for Peloton, and the results are hilarious.

Before we dive in, here's the full-length commercial, in all of its glory:

Some of the clapbacks are logical ...

... while others were a bit harsh.

For the most part, the tweets express concern for the poor wife in the commercial.

I mean, seriously, is no one running these ads by normal people?

One thing's for certain, the majority of folks tweeting about it really don't like the ad.

What do you think about the new Peloton commercial? Mountain or molehill? Let us know in the comments!