What kind of sorcery is this???

The brainstorm vs. green needle debate is apparently several years old, but TikTokker @emilysophie.m has revived the audio illusion in a recent TikTok video. And it's seriously mind-bending.


Watch it twice and try both words 🙌 ##mindblown ##greenneedle ##brainstorm ##greenneedleorbrainstorm

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Supposedly, depending on which word you're reading or focusing one, that's the word you're going to hear. So if you're looking at the word "brainstorm," the audio clip will sound like it's saying "brainstorm." But if you look at "green needle," the same audio clip will sound like it's saying "green needle."

The whole thing originated from a YouTube toy review. The toy review was from 2014, but the eery audio illusion rose to popularity in 2018 in a separate YouTube video seen here:

I actually find that my brain interprets the audio clip differently via YouTube than it does via the TikTok video. I tend to hear "green needle" a lot on the YouTube video, regardless of what word I'm thinking about. On TikTok, however, the results rest heavily on what word I'm focusing on.

A couple years ago, we also had the Laurel vs. Yanny debate, and before that, the neverending question of whether or not that dress was blue or gold.

The human brain is an amazing thing.

So what do you think? Does this audio illusion blow your mind, too? Are there more like this that we should dive into? Tell us in the comments!