"We're up all night to get" really sad.

Over 28 years after forming, iconic Grammy-winning French duo Daft Punk, comprising Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, has broken up. The house, dance, and pop music pioneers announced with a 7-minute video taken from their film Electroma, simply titled "Epilogue."

Fans took to Twitter to mourn the end of an era, celebrate Daft Punk's greatest hits, and, of course, make memes. 

While Daft Punk was best known for hits such as Get Lucky feat. Pharrell Williams, Nile RodgersOne More TimeAround the World, and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and the TRON: Legacy soundtrack, Pitchfork wrote of the mysterious helmeted pair, "Beyond the singles, their visual identity, interstellar mystique, and party-music ethos inspired generations of artists across genres."

Twitter user @NehhLmao paid homage to Daft Punk's catchy-as-hell genius with this video breaking down their classic One More Time refrain.

Another fan, @Timdoutre, gently teased the pair's ever-present costumes by jokingly posting a photo of New Zealand musical comedy duo, Flight of the Conchords, playing poorly-designed robots. 

And account @daftpunkontour, whose bio explains, "Is Daft Punk on tour? We aim to ask this question everyday until it is answered," could finally give a definitive answer: No. 

While we're sad the band has broken up, we're grateful for the nearly 30 years of game-changing, dance-your-ass-off tunes. We'll be cry-dancing in our apartments to Instant Crush on repeat with motorcycle helmets on in homage. 

What's your favorite Daft Punk song? How do you feel about their breakup? Let us know in the comments.