From Kings of Leon to Zayn, and more!

It's our weekly song review where we discuss five new songs released this past week, January 3–10. See if your favorite artist or band is on the list in the comments below.

"100,000 People" by Kings of Leon

Rockband Kings of Leon have not only released one but two new singles this past week: "The Bandit" and "100,000 People." We'll be covering the latter, although the former is just as good! Both will premiere on Kings of Leon's upcoming March 5 album, When You See Yourself.

"100,000 People" has lyrics that are open to wide interpretation. The passing of time, such as references to the changing seasons and a light losing its glow, is an apparent theme composed of beautiful, poetic imagery. Although there are hints that this is a song about someone leaving another, the lyrics are juicy with intrigue!

"100,000 People" starts slow and mournful, with Kings of Leon's typical nostalgic vibes. The bass is both jabbing and pounding, serving as the backbone of the track and giving frontman Caleb Followill's vocals a contrasting foil as they drape the song's structure. The vocals themselves reflect a sadness, backed by a scintillating tension that escalates throughout the track. The chorus is a repetition of the words "You do," sang muted. The overall climax of the song is magnetic as it incorporates Kings of Leon's typical rock grind surrounded by synths.

"Come in Closer" by Rhye

Rhye, whose real name is Michael Milosh, is gearing up for the release of the upcoming album Home, out January 22 via Loma Vista. To garner excitement for the album, he has just dropped his newest single "Come in Closer."

Rhye has described his new track as a song that describes beginning a relationship with someone and all the growth that accompanies it. He details how you're inviting that person into your family and world, and that the relationship will change and develop other aspects about yourself. "Come in Closer" definitely has some eye-opening lyrics that I'm sure many can relate to.

Although it begins with what sounds like a haunting church organ, "Come in Closer" embraces a brightness through its poppy beats and almost retro-like atmosphere. A piano adds another layer of groove and attitude to the song, providing a pleasant atmosphere for Milosh's vocals to transcend. Wind instruments are brought in to heighten the other aspects of the song, especially during the chorus. 

"Channel 43" - deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner

It's been over five years since deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner last collaborated on a track. Last week, they started building anticipation for "Channel 43" after sharing a preview of it. Now, they've finally released this electronic charmer.

There are no lyrics on "Channel 43." Instead, a dramatic opening of synths beckons listeners in before the dance elements build up, bringing an addicting kind of energy you can only find at a rave party. "Channel 43" is perfect for fans of electro and dance. It's madly addicting with the combination of wild beats and upbeat synths.

deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner will work again together at deadmau5's Insomniac-hosted drive-in show on January 3rd in San Bernardino, California.

"Vibez" - Zayn

Zayn had been teasing fans for months about his new album, so when news broke that he release Nobody is Listening on January 15th, they automatically thought he'd bust out a new single. 

And he has: "Vibez" debuted this past week.

The title is appropriate as this song doesn't seem as focused on the content of the lyrics so much as the pleasant, escapism kind of atmosphere "Vibez" brings. The song's energy is mellow, even soothing, with Zayn's vocals are surrounded by a background chorus that compliments the full range of his voice. The beats sharply juxtapose with the mid-temp pace, creating this juicy sense of anticipation, that you're still waiting for something.

"Vibez," although it does bring a magnetic, atmospheric vibe, speaks to the vibes between two people. Zayn discusses the feelings of intimacy and liking between two people, and poses the question of why wait when "you got the vibes." The lyrics show reflection and the important questions of how to start or talk to someone.

"Flames" - MOD SUN ft. Avril Lavigne

"Flames" is the third single from MOD SUN's upcoming album. It features pop-rock singer Avril Lavigne in an at-once captivating song blended by rock and punk. 

The beginning is dramatic, opening with Lavigne's soaring vocals over a piano before picking up the pace when MOD Sun's punk-driven voice comes in. The crunchy, fast guitar chords create a sense of insistency and tension, only to offer a reprieve for a moment when both Lavigne and MOD SUN sing together in near silence. The chorus is something you can both shout out with while you're head bopping along. 

The lyrics in "FLames" are powerful and chaotic, much like the song's musical composition. They relate a turbulent relationship (potentially with drugs) in the likeness of fire and detail the harder parts of relapse and missing someone/thing. The imagery and emotion elevate the rawness of the lyrics to another level and really open up the difficult discussion of a broken relationship.

If you're a fan of of punk or emo, then you will absolutely love this track!

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