We're covering Twenty One Pilots, Doja Cat, Surfaces, and more!

It's our weekly song review where we review five new songs released this past week, April 4 –11. Let us know what you think of our list.

"Shy Away" by Twenty One Pilots

Released: April 9, 2021

Album: Scaled and Icy


  • Consistently strummy guitar clashing with bright, upbeat pops of piano
  • Subtle restraint of emotion during the pre-bridge of the song before it's unleashed 
  • Final chorus with extra background singer to punch that sense of power 
  • Edgier, alternative vibes introduced in the second verse

Standout Lyrics: "When I get home / You better not be there / We're placin' bets you won't / Shed your modesty / And the only thing to leave behind / Is your own skin on the floor"

"In My DNA" by Max and Harvey

Released: April 8, 2021

Album: Unknown - This Is Not a Phase Tour upcoming


  • Soft, purposeful tremble in vocals during first verse before they get stronger
  • Catchy, uplifting rhythm that is both atmospheric and dynamic
  • Powerful lyrics discussing love in family relationships

Standout Lyrics: "Always making the same mistakes / When I found someone that I / Thought would come and fix my life / But everything I touch only breaks / So I don't wanna let you in / When I know it's gonna end"

"Kiss Me More" by Doja Cat ft. SZA

Released: April 9, 2021

Album: Planet Her


  • Glossy, seductive vocals that pull you in on top of playful piano notes
  • Spurts of rap serving as a foil to Doja Cat's more elongated, breathy range
  • Sense of intimacy enveloping listeners

Standout Lyrics: "We could just kiss and cut the rubbish / Then I might be onto somethin' / I ain't giving you one in public"

"Haunted House" by Holly Humberstone

Released: April 6, 2021

Album: Unknown - new music 


  • First verse slowly sang, haunting lyrics perfect against the ebb and flow of the piano
  • Mesmerizing crescendo showcasing breathy vocals supported by a background chorus 
  • Dramatic, almost tragic-like introduction that gives the sense you're watching the rain

Standout Lyrics: "And one day I'll drive past you / If I recognize you / I'll try not to stay too long / See the soil I grew upon / In a couple years I'll be all right"

"Wave of You" by Surfaces

Released: April 9, 2021

Album: Horizons


  • Bright, soulful vibe permeating musical composition
  • Positive imagery painted through lyrics and music video 
  • Sense of hope and inspiration in the punctuating beat and hints of rock

Standout Lyrics: "I think I'm caught up in the way I feel about you / I don't know how I can be so drawn into you / I think I'm fallin' in deep / I think I'm caught up in a wave of you"

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