Check out the latest New Year's vibes from Justin Bieber, Mitch Rossell, Foo Fighters, and more!

"No Son of Mine" by Foo Fighters

The first on our list is the Foo Fighter's latest single, "No Son of Mine." It's their second track off of February's upcoming album, Medicine at Midnight, and it's the best way for the Foo Fighters to ring in the new year.

Frontman and singer Dave Grohl stated that this song "resides" in all the band members and, whenever it makes sense, they can let it out. He also said the song is composed of lyrics that make fun of "self-righteous" leaders who commit crimes they're fighting against. Regardless, "No Son of Mine" serves as another fantastic track in the Foo Fighter's collection.

"No Son of Mine" begins with crunchy, powerful guitars backing Grohl's faded voice before a chorus comes in. The song escalates in intensity when the chorus settles in with Grohl's magnetic, raspy vocals providing their signature rock-out-moment. The energy and edginess remain throughout "No Son of Mine" through its non-stop tempo, tense clashing of drums and guitar, and Grohl's occasional scream.

"2020" by Mitch Rossell

Country singer Mitch Rossell debuted his latest track, "2020," this past week. The Tennesse-born songwriter had released a few singles last year, but his latest one sums up 2020 and its many troubles.

"2020" is a song beautifully composed with simplicity and emotion. A piano accompanies Rossell throughout the song, never stopping once. Its notes are poignant and powerful, mirroring Rossell's uplifting vocals which soar during the chorus. "2020," though dealing with difficult themes, offers a glimmer of hope through its composition and atmosphere.

Rossell's emotion is the song's standout, as its rawness and authenticity bleed through the words. The lyrics are similar to a prayer with Rossell asking God to "shine a light" and telling him "we need some help down here." They relate to the tough times many have had during 2020 in regards to the pandemic and racial injustice, and reference Christianity and being saved.

"Anyone" by Justin Bieber

Bieber fans, rejoice! He has decided to ring in the new year with another single release called "Anyone." Accompanied by a Rocky-movie-inspired video, it sounds as if it'll be rising up the charts easy enough!

Bieber premiered both song and video during his New Year's Eve performance, his first live concert since 2017. He claims starting the new year with this song was a show of love for fans. Bieber added that this song, "Anyone," is both "special" and "hopeful" as it offers a brightness and optimism for this year. He related how music helped him during 2020 in a healing, therapeutic way. For many fans, the same could be said.

"Anyone" has an overall pensive, dramatic feel to it with beats punctuating Bieber's vocals during the chorus and a tense atmosphere. The rhythm is slow but captivating, driven by Bieber's intensive emotion. The verses lead up like a story to the chorus, as Bieber describes loving someone with all his heart even if he doesn't end up with her.

Already up to 15 million views on Youtube, "Anyone" will no doubt keep building momentum.

"Potential Breakup Song" by Aly & AJ

Fourteen years later, a new twist has been put out by the siblings on the infamous "Potential Breakup Song"—and fans are loving it! Aly & AJ released it on December 30 as a virtual gig to their TikTok fans.

Aly & AJ were well-known to those who watched the Disney Channel. Their original music premiered on it and gathered many young fans. "Potential Breakup Song" was a hit in 2007 and now, thanks to TikTok, has been given new life, thus the reason behind Aly & AJ re-releasing it ... but this time, with swear words!

"Potential Breakup Song" still has the same fantastic-ly addictive vibe as their previous one. It's a fast-tempo, upbeat track with clear signs of pop and dance. The piano introduced against the quick bass and beats during the second half adds an intriguing layer. Both Aly & AJ still sound incredibly mature as they add swear words to one of their best hits.

I didn't grow up watching the Disney Channel but I'm glad I discovered this track!

"Real Groove (Studio 2054 Remix)" by Kylie Minogue & Dua Lipa

"Real Groove" was released during Dua Lipa's 2054 livestream last month with Kylie Minogue guest singing. Fans were surprised then, yet are now delighted to learn their collaboration is an official track just released. Lipa had a stellar 2020, as much of her work is up for Grammy awards. She, once again, proves with this track why she dominated the charts this past year.

"Real Groove (Studio 2054 Remix)" impresses with the intertwining of both Minogue's and Lipa's vocals. Minogue sings soothingly while Lipa punctuates to create a juxtaposed melody. The pace is faster than the previous mix although still offering the terrific infusion of pop, electronic, and dance that makes it so addictive you'll want to get on the dancefloor yourself! There is an edgy, compelling undertone throughout the track.

The new year is ringing in with some sweet tunes! Share in the comments which 2021 song you're already dancing to.