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"Only Wanna Be With You" - Post Malone

It's the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, therefore Post Malone wanted to do justice in its celebration by bringing Hootie & the Blowfish's "Only Wanna Be With You." And yes—he does do it tremendous justice, especially with the incredible Pokémon-dedicated video.

Malone's exciting version of "Only Wanna Be With You" debuted on Thursday, gearing fans up for Pokémon's 25th Anniversary. Able to be watched on both Pokémon's Youtube and Twitch channels, the song features Malone as an animated character in the Pokémon world, as he travels under the sea and what seems underground, along the way meeting up with a variety of Pokémon. The lyrics seem to illuminate his dedication and love for the Pokémon franchise, so this is the perfect song to manifest these feelings.

Malone's twist on "Only Wanna Be With You" is light, upbeat, and simplistic. Malone's vocals are one-note during the verses but hold so much charm and warmth to bring listeners in. The interplay between easy guitar chords and percussion creates an enticingly pleasant rhythm, and Malone's vocals soar over the catchy riffs during the chorus.

"I Let the Devil In" - Olivia Lane

Country singer and TikTok sensation Olivia Lane has just dropped her latest release, "I Let the Devil In." This is one of the few singles preceding her upcoming summer album, HEART CHANGE. Lane seems like she will continue to gather new fans as her star is on the rise, especially in Nashville.

"I Let the Devil In" embraces lyrics that will no doubt resound with many listeners. Lane states the song deals with situations where temptation is easy to give in to, leading to self-sabotage. Lane uses lyrics such as "I should've sent him home but I let him stay," acknowledging the sense of how hard it is to get rid of such negative thoughts at times. "I Let the Devil In" includes references to Christianity, interweaving these themes into the day-to-day life of people. 

"I Let the Devil In" is a slower-paced track, never straying above the soft, sad groove. Being a blend of country, rock, and pop, this single is backed by clear-cut guitar chords and gospel-like drums. Lane's vocals are pure and delicate, shining over the musical composition. She brings tremendous power and emotion, especially during the prayerful chorus.


"Spaceman" - Nick Jonas

Apart from starring in the new Chaos Walking movie (based after my favorite book series!) and helping out on The Voice, Nick Jonas has been busy with his musical talents as well. He and his brothers joined SNL this past weekend. Jonas has been performing more solo work lately, with his first solo album (since 2016) set to come out later this year. It will also be titled Spaceman.

Already racking up almost half a million Youtube views in two days, "Spaceman" is flighty and almost ethereal in atmosphere, capturing the sense that Jonas really is higher up than us. The instrumental parts, in the beginning, seem to tiptoe as if defying gravity itself. Jonas brings crazy energy during the chorus, adding techno-rock elements.

"Spaceman's" lyrics use outer space language, including "from the dark side of the moon" as Jonas chooses dramatic words to create an interpretive landscape. He sounds like he's singing about a relationship, but the lyrics reference other aspects of his life, such as his celebrity status. The lyrical composition is definitely interesting to make meaning out of and is one of the track's highlights.

"Let the Bad Times Roll" - Offspring

Offspring seems more than ready to drop their new April album, Let the Bad Times Roll. They're letting fans know what it will be like with the new single titled after it. If you've missed this band after nearly a decade away, then you will certainly love what they're offering now!

"Let the Bad Times Roll" is like an adrenaline shot: it doesn't lay off the chaos controlled within its rhythm for one minute. The pace is frantic but in a delectably restrained way, where it feels like it's a slow burn until the vulnerable chorus. The electric guitars play quickly and pulsing against the ever-clashing percussion cymbals. Frontman Dexter Holland brings his signature fluidly aggressive vocals to layer the song with power and passion.

Holland states the lyrics of "Let the Bad Times Roll" reflect the ongoing struggles in the world. The lyrics include references to past people, like Lincoln and Machiavelli, and almost how disappointed they would be now. Holland sings with incredible honesty, a sense of disappointment lingering beneath it all as well.


"Look What You've Done" - Zara Larsson

With the YouTube views already climbing impressively, "Look What You've Done" is poised to be Zara Larsson's next chart-topper. It will serve as a teaser for her upcoming album, Poster Girl, set to debut March 5th.

There is a sense of happiness permeating the upbeat, jouncing beats that pulse against Larsson's glossy vocals. It's as if a sheen of indestructible optimism exists of everything, as Larsson sings with much hope of the times to come. "Look What You've Done" embodies hints of disco and pop, already making this the perfect track to set as your own dance party.

Larsson states "Look What You've Done" is a track that helped her discover how her hard experiences could really be empowering. Instead of seeing a breakup as a negative thing, she chose to see it through a different perspective, of how far she has come. "Look What You've Done" certainly heralds her own strength, as she sings about becoming stronger. Larsson reinforces to fans through this song that being vulnerable is being strong, and always remain positive.

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