"Stuck with U" — Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber

How appropriate is this song for being stuck in quarantine with a special someone? That thought is what inspired Ariana Grande's and Justin Bieber's collaboration of the song "Stuck with U," which details their own struggles of being with the person they love during this pandemic.

Fans have wished for a duet between the two artists for a while now. Finally, their prayers have been answered.

Slow, with electronic beats punctuating the verses, "Stuck with U" seems to be the perfect jam for any mood and any time of the weekend. The chorus between Grande and Bieber is especially delightful, as their voices meld together without overpowering the other. The atmosphere and theme of the song definitely capture the overall feeling of quarantine. I mean, can you agree with these lyrics?

"So, lock the door and throw out the key / Can't fight this no more, it's just you and me / And there's nothin' I, nothin' I, I can do / I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you / So, go ahead and drive me insane / Baby, run your mouth, I still wouldn't change."

Give this song a listen, especially if you're feeling down. Proceeds also go to First Responders Children's Foundation.

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