Bebe Rexha. 3OH!3. Escape the Fate. Justin Bieber. Maroon 5.

It's our weekly song roundup where we review five news songs released this past week, February 28–March 7. From new music by Bebe Rexha to Maroon 5 and more, these are the tracks we couldn't stop listening to this past week.

Maroon 5 ft. Megan Thee Stallion - "Beautiful Mistakes"

Released: March 3, 2021
Album: Upcoming seventh album


  • Harmonious chorus between Adam Levine and Megan Thee Stallion
  • Easy fluctuating rhythm that pieces the song together
  • Retro boy band, poppy beats
  • Soft restrain in vocals

Standout Lyrics: "It's beautiful, it's bittersweet / You're like a broken home to me / I take a shot of memories / And blackout like an empty street / I fill my days with the way you walk / And fill my nights with broken dreams / I makeup lies inside my head / Like one day you'll come back to me"

Bebe Rexha - "Sacrifice"

Released: March 5, 2021
Album: None—released via Youtube Originals'


  • Mesmerizing atmosphere dripping with an ethereal glamor
  • DJ-heavy synths intertwining with subtle piano notes
  • Perfect club anthem

Standout Lyrics: "Wanna bе the air every time you breathe / Runnin' through your veins and the spaces in between / I wanna feel your heart every time it bleeds / Livin' in your brain, there's only room for me"

Justin Bieber - "Hold On"

Released: March 5, 2021
Album: Upcoming album Justice


  • Crystal, clear vocals that standout over the mid-tempo rhythm
  • Emotion oozing through the lyrics
  • Juicy, pop beats that flow together seamlessly

Standout Lyrics: "Painting stars up on your ceiling / 'Cause you wish that you could find some feeling, yeah, you / You know you can call me if you need someone"

Escape the Fate - "Unbreakable"

Released: April 16, 2021
Album: Upcoming Chemical Warfare


  • Inspiring lyrics about finding power in your life rather than struggling through it
  • Sing-worthy, fist-pumping chorus
  • Pulse-pounding, energetic guitars that don't relent

Standout Lyrics: "Go take it all / Your life, your dreams, your fire / Go take it all / This day, this time, this hour / You're unbreakable (You are unbreakable) / You're unbreakable (You are unbreakable)"

3OH!3 - "Last Breath"

Released: March 3, 2021
Album: Upcoming


  • Dramatic, heart-dopping beats
  • Incredibly dark and edgy undertones
  • A sense of chaotic anticipation

Standout Lyrics: "Things have gone and changed up, yeah / Used to have a top eight, yeah / Now I got this sinking feeling / Bite down while the snake skin's peeling / We right here"

What did you think of this week's music roundup? Are there any songs released between February 28–March 7 that we should have included on our list? Let us know in the comments!