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"Surrender" by Birdy

It's been five years since Birdy last released a single. This past week she debuted a new song, "Surrender," set to premiere on her upcoming April album Young Heart. The Grammy-nominated singer has experienced a lot in the past five years, much of which can be heard on "Surrender."

Birdy's newest single is emotionally magnificent. It's raw, ethereal, and will make you feel both sad but hopeful at the same time. "Surrender" showcases the purity and power in Birdy's vocals, especially in her restraint. The interlay of piano, drums, and acoustic guitar, a quiet, subdued composition, exposes the delicateness of Birdy's vocals. This track is slower paced with a likeness of Mazzy Starr and Lana del Rey.

"Surrender" encompasses a lot of what Birdy discusses on her upcoming album. After traveling for a few years, Birdy incorporates landscape imagery like the Northern Lights into her lyrics, painting a relationship and feelings of letting go of someone against stunning pictures. "Surrender" details words about the soft beauty of falling into someone's arms at night but knowing she has to surrender as well—a sense many could probably relate to!

"All My Favorite Songs" by Weezer

Surprise! Weezer secretly recorded a new album titled OK Human during the pandemic. This news is in light of their already set-to-premiere Van Weezer album on May 7. So now fans have something else to look excited for!

Frontman Rivers Cuomo describes "All My Favorite Songs" about how playing instruments are a thing of the past, now that technology has taken over. Music, especially in the 18 and 19 centuries, was a way to connect with other people instead of all this high tech stuff, according to Cuomo. Can people agree? OK Human is inspired by the Beach Boy's Pet Sounds.

"All My Favorite Songs" is Weezer at its finest. The lyrics are sung almost sarcastically, dripping with a fun irony. There are various orchestral instruments hinted throughout the song which only add to the vibrant, jabbing guitar and drums. A contained energy in Cuomo's singing and chorus give this song tremendous life. It sounds like it will already be a classic.


"New Love" by Silk City ft. Ellie Goulding

Comprised of Diplo and Mark Ronson, Silk City has finally released new music after two years. Ronson says that he loves coming together with Diplo to create new music, on top of finally working with Ellie Goulding, who he's known for over 10 years. The three have just released the jammer "New Love."

Goulding states that "New Love" is a song about finding love in yourself, especially after breaking up with someone, with that someone finding happiness as well. She follows up by saying you don't have to "be seen" to dance by yourself and love yourself. Such inspiring words!

"New Love" reinforces the resumé behind Silk City. It's pure fun and such a mesmerizing DJ-produced track. Goulding's vocals are transcendent above the rave-worthy synth composition. The rhythm is mid-tempo, upbeat but adding gravity via the piano chords during the verses. If you're a fan of electronic and dance, then you will love this track!


"Lo Vas A Olvidar" by Billie Eilish & Rosalia

Already racking up close to 30 million views on Youtube, "Lo Vas A Olvidar" is a marvelous piece of music brought forward by Billie Eilish and Rosalia. The pair had teased working together in 2019 but only last week dropped this new track. Its reception so far has been acclaimed.

"Lo Vas A Olvidar" begins with both Rosalia and Eilish trading verses, both sang slowly and sadly. The words are drawn out, heightened by absences of instruments and an atmospheric vibe. The verses and long croons from both Rosalia and Eilish, juxtapose with a faster sang, stronger chorus that picks the song's pace up. However, the incredibly tense and electric mood of the song never goes away.

"Lo Vas A Olvidar" is sung entirely in Spanish. Although Rosalia initially pushed for it in English, she gave in when Eilish insisted it be in Spanish. The lyrics describe a relationship filled with sadness and perhaps regret. Questions about forgetting someone and letting go pierce both the chorus and verses.

"Lifestyle" by Jason Derulo ft. Adam Levine

Accompanied by a raunchy video, "Lifestyle" has quite the history. Originally built off "Laxed-Siren Beat," a viral TikTok instrumental by Jawsh 685, "Lifestyle" debuted without credit to him, resulting in some anger from Jawsh 685. Now, the air between him and Derulo has been cleared, and "Lifestyle" is officially a release and accumulating Youtube views.

"Lifestyle" is crazy energetic and funky. Derulo's vocals shine during the first verse, elegant and dramatic. Levine's second verse adds a more subdued feel to the song, creating this delicate contrast between the two singers. "Lifestyle" has fantastic swagger throughout, including its edgy rhythm and addicting beats. It deals with themes about money and love, similar to what its video portrays.

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