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"Baila Conmigo" by Selena Gomez

It seems another Spanish single is racking up the views and critics: Selena Gomez has released her recent collaboration with Rauw Alejandro, titled “Baila Conmigo.” Produced by Tainy, it will appear on Gomez’s album, Revelacion, which will include all Spanish singles and debut on March 12.

“Baila Conmigo” is a track about falling in love with someone who may not speak your language. It involves catchy, tangy lyrics about dancing and getting to know another despite the language barrier, with echoes of sadness but hope.

Gomez’s latest single is addicting after the first listen. If you enjoy pop or reggae, you’ll love this track: it has an edgy pace that titillates between slow and fast, a sultry vibe that will make you want to dance, and an earworm of textures between Gomez and Alejandro’s vocal interplay. Baila Conmigo” features a grinding, Latin rhythm—fans who love this music should definitely check this song out!

"All I Ever Wanted" by Rag 'N' Bone Man

The singer best known for Human has returned with the single “All I Ever Wanted.” It will appear on the upcoming LP, Life By Misadventure, set to debut on April 23. Rag 'N' Bone Man’s (real name Rory Graham) last album, Human, was the fastest-selling album by a male artist of the past decade on the UK charts–maybe his new single will lead the LP to similar success!

“All I Ever Wanted” is inspired by Graham’s love for his home of native England. Claiming how he feels sad when he doesn’t see all the places he grew up with, he features different places he’s journeyed to in his video. The lyrics are introspective, holding a sense of sadness and nostalgia.

While still containing bluesy vibes as in his previous work, “All I Ever Wanted” shows off more rock and alternative elements. The gritty guitar clashing against the non-stop pace creates an energetic atmosphere. Graham’s vocals are steady and restrained throughout this track. They brighten up the chorus, which is backed with string and piano instruments as well.

“Girlfriend” by Rebecca Black

The singer who became a viral sensation after her hit song “Friday” returns with the new single “Girlfriend.” Despite the overwhelmingly negative reception of "Friday," Black’s latest track shows how she has grown into a tremendous singer.

“Girlfriend” is a testament to Black’s strength after the depression caused by “Friday’s” toxic reviews. It features a video and lyrics mirroring her personal journey, as she took time to rediscover herself, painting images of moving back with her mom before “rebounding” and “getting back with my girlfriend.” The poignancy of how she sings really shines through the lyrics, especially since they resound with the authenticity of her journey.

“Girlfriend” definitely impresses after the first listen. With a retro ‘80s vibe, it will take you back in time paired with its video. “Girlfriend” has dreamy synths foiling a pulsating beat, and Black’s vocals only add another layer of richness to this scintillating composition. “Girlfriend” is a testament to how far she’s come.


“Look at the Sky” by Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson stunned dubstep fans with his music back in 2014. After years of writer’s block and self-questioning, he released three new singles last year from his upcoming album, Nurture, set to debut in April. He surrenders to fans another mesmerizing single in anticipation of Nurture.

“Look at the Sky” is an interpretive intrigue, offering vague lyrics that could relate to people experiencing depression or even darker urges. Questions regarding fate set the song’s tone, before diving into ideas about change and growth. The chorus of “Look at the sky, I’m still here” brim with hope and encouragement to fans, with many in “Look at the Sky’s” Youtube comments already discussing how bright this song is to them. Robinson claims he wrote this track when he was at his lowest point, so kudos to turning it into a grandiose piece of music!

The lyrics, hopeful and emotionally-charged, compliment the vibrant, electronic vibe of “Look at the Sky.” The DJ-produced track has a simmering energy to it and gives off the sense that it is light manifested. Its synths seem to glow and melt into one another. This song is definitely another of Robinson’s bangers for future raves!

“Weird Wins” by Only Sun

Only Sun has released the new single “Weird Wins,” set to be on the upcoming April album Tangled Mind. Like many of their previous songs, “Weird Wins” is an infusion of indie and alternative.

According to the band, “Weird Wins” was written last winter and contains bits of crazy thoughts during that time when so many things were going on. Only Sun mentions how they became what felt like different personalities and reflect the concept behind Tangled Mind.

“Weird Wins” is dramatic and fun. The lyrics are belted in short punctures while the disco, rock elements are animated as they build against each other. There's a wild energy in the attitude behind this song that especially shines during the break of the chorus. Boasting of disco, indie, alternative, and hints of punk, “Weird Wins” will win many new fans over.

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