This week we're covering new music from Daya, Oliver Tree, and more!

It's our weekly song review where we review five new songs released this past week, January 31 through February 7. Check out our music list to see if you like any of our new songs!

"Bad Girl" by Daya

Grammy-winning singer Daya returns with a new pop single called "Bad Girl." Produced by Andrew Goldstein and Charlie Puth, it's a fantastic re-introduction to the raw beauty and vulnerability Daya always brings to her music. Fans of the pop singer will definitely find this new track to be an appealing earworm.

"Bad Girl" already is another of Daya's pop gems. Its synths are dark and insistent against Daya's swaggering vocals. Although she never raises them much over the instrumental composition, they drive this song forward with such a mesmerizing sashay. There is a vibrant beat that underscores the second verse and adds a juicy textural foil to the glossier rhythm.

Daya states that "Bad Girl" is a showcase of being comfortable with her bisexuality, as well as her acceptance of feminity that isn't defined by a man. Both "Bad Girl's" lyrics and video depict a strong woman who isn't afraid to assert her strength and confidence as a female, despite the different labels people give the term "bad girl." Daya describes the lyrics as a vehicle to show that clothes and rebel issues don't necessarily constitute who a "bad girl" really is—rather, it can be the display of self-assurance. 

"Out of Ordinary" by Oliver Tree

Despite "retiring" from the music industry last year, Oliver Tree has returned (at least temporarily) with the single "Out of Ordinary" from a deluxe album of his original debut one, Ugly is Beautiful: Shorter, Thicker, and Uglier. If you want to escape the drama with his record company, don't question why he's suddenly returning to music—just enjoy the soul-punching masterpiece he's put out!

"Out of Ordinary" features Tree's vocals sang with much introspection. He elongates the words to draw out their meaning while the pace is mid-temp and basic. Tree's words are what gives this song its power, allowing audiences a peek into his mind. The instrumental composition is simple and created by a balance of reining in and pushing forward in drums and the electric guitar. 

"Out of Ordinary" is comprised of short, one-line lyrics that repeat throughout the song. This technique gives a sense of questioning and disconnect between what Tree's thoughts really are, which is what this song is about, of being "out of ordinary" despite "put[ting] my whole self out there." He asks himself about how he is on both the outside and inside, a concept that seems to mirror his own struggles in the music industry. Overall, Tree knocks it out again with this stunning single!

"Floating Through Space" by Sia and David Guetta

Putting Sia's criticism aside for her comments on Music, I did enjoy her work on "Floating Through Space" with long-time collaborator David Guetta. As usual, they put out another banger.

"Floating Through Space" details the feeling of triumph over struggle, with the lyrics "You made it through another day" on repeat throughout the track. This feeling is likened to "floating through space," in the sense that it should uplift you, especially doing so 365 days a year. "Floating Through Space" is captivating in its inspiration and simplicity of lyrics. You, as a listener, can feel Sia's soul in her words as her vocals transcend and seem to manifest this sense of joy and exuberance.

"Floating Through Space" will premiere on the music album alongside the movie Music. It already seems poised as the breakout track and displays a lot of the characteristics of the duo's previous collaborations. Being DJ-produced, it features electric, upbeat synths and a bright and uplifting atmosphere. There doesn't seem to be any hint of seriousness to this song, as its musical composition focuses on exposing Sia's powerfully-sang lyrics.

"Where's My Brain?" by The Lazy Eyes

"Where's My Brain?" is the first single off The Lazy Eye's second EP, appropriately titled EP2. The Australian band is making waves again with their hypnotizing psychedelic performances. "Where's My Brain?" proves once again they're blossoming in this genre around the world.

Created in one of the band member's bedrooms, "Where's My Brain" is said to mainly be about going crazy about something and expressing it in a bad way—which is definitely a unique, different take on a song! As a listener, you get that sense through the creative, energetic vibe of the song. Opening slowly and almost mournfully, the track picks up its pace during the first verse, at which point the interplay of electric guitar chords and easy cymbal clashing create a pleasant harmony that's agreeable to the ears. "Where's My Brain?" sounds like it's straight out of the '60s.

Like with all of their previous tracks, "Where's My Brain?" is a psychedelic pleasure that will give any jam band lover a good feeling. In the likes of the Grateful Dead, Phish, and Moe, The Lazy Eyes are moving up nationally with their boundless energy and jam-out live performances.

"The Holding Hand" by Iceage

The Danish punk rock band is back and has just debuted a new single "The Holding Hand." The song is a delicious fusion of rock, alternative, and punk, with elements of wind and symphonic instruments as well. 

"The Holding Hand" is dramatic, dynamic, and sounds straight as if it came out of a movie. The vocals carry the song and give it an incredibly atmospheric sheen, heightened by the violin and stripped-down guitar and piano notes. Throughout both verses, you're waiting for vocalist Elias Ronnenfelt to belt out his words, but instead, he strains them, evoking a tense, teasing anticipation that finally is fulfilled in the song's final third. The punk-rock elements take the lead then and open up to this beautiful, chaotic juxtaposition to the overall song's movie-like vibe.

"The Holding Hand" brims with an electric-charged emotion that will make you want more. Fans of punk and alternative, especially Iceage fans, will definitely love this new track!

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