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"Skinny" - Kaleo

Released: April 1, 2021

Album: Surface Sounds, out April 23


  • Raw depiction of struggles women deal with in regards to body image
  • Gritty acoustic guitar during the verses, serving as a bare
  • Stripped-down atmosphere complimented by the acoustic, raunchy chorus, and hints of strings

Standout Lyrics: "You've got to stay skinny / Don't you, girl? / You've got to stay pretty / While you can / You've got to stay hungry / for the fans"


"Brazil" - Iggy Azalea

Released: April 2, 2021

Album: Unknown


  • Edgy, grinding rhythm that gives you almost an ache
  • Fast-paced beats mirroring the fast-sang verses
  • Slow, delicious drop between some of the rapping, offering an amazing sense of reprieve before everything picks up again

Standout Lyrics: "I'm showin' my cards how I play with a King / Heard they was sleepin, I'm breakin' the dream / Closin' the deal while you were makin' a meme / Superstar status, I stay in the Hills / Light hundred thousand to play in some heels / Festival season, I'm out in Brazil"

"Film Out" - BTS

Released: April 1, 2021

Album: BTS, the Best


  • Haunting singing arrangement heightened by piano notes
  • Dramatic instrument placement to increase tension and atmosphere
  • Incredible final chorus will make you think it belongs in a movie

Standout Lyrics [English Translation]: "From all the memories stored in my heart / I gather up the ones of you, link them together / Gazing at them projected across the room / I feel you with every burst of pain"


"Deja Vu" - Olivia Rodrigo

Released: April 1, 2021

Album: Upcoming May 21


  • Rodrigo's amazing range between breathy and soft to soaring are once again on full display, serving as the song's backbone
  • Dripping with nostalgic feels that will make your heart hurt
  • Blends country, pop, and hints of blues together seamlessly 

Standout Lyrics: "Strawberry ice cream in Malibu / Don't act like we didn't do that shit too / You're trading jackets like we used to do / (Yeah, everything is all reused) / Play her piano but she doesn't know"


"Queen of Suffolk County" - Dropkick Murphys

Released: March 31, 2021

Album: Turn Up that Dial, out April 30


  • Vivid, clear-cut story of a woman being presented throughout the lyrics, where listeners hear of her journey
  • Folksy, vibrant vibe
  • Sing-along chorus in which multiple singers join in (and you can too!)

Standout Lyrics: "She's tough like a tiger / She's all dressed up / She's soft like a kitten / But she'll still mess you up."


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