This week we're covering Hayley Williams, The Weekend & Ariana Grande, Chvrches, and more!

It's our weekly song review where we dissect five new songs released this past week, April 18–25. Let us know what you think of our picks.

"Colour Me In" by Hayley Williams

Released: April 23, 2021

Album: Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy


  • Eerily beautiful musical composition
  • Subtle use of strings that add an extra layer of depth
  • Incredibly soft, reminiscing vocals in perfect harmony with a wistfulness of song

Standout Lyrics: "Something new and nothing to do and I'm just the idea/ I must be real 'cause somehow I feel that I'm just the idea / Let's share the blue of the towering sky / The green of the hills that roll by / Leave the red of your heart to decide / If you cannot choose which colour to use"

"He Said She Said" by Chvrches

Released: April 22, 2021

Album: Unknown


  • Vulnerable lyrics describing how women deal with their body image in the eyes of others
  • Mesmerizing synths and percussion melded with pop, bluesy guitar chords
  • Pops of vocals sang loudly and firmly, mirror the lyrical content

Standout Lyrics: "He said 'You need to be fed / But keep an eye on your waistline' and / "Look good, but don't be obsessed"

"I Need Some of That" by Weezer

Released: April 21, 2021

Album: Van Weezer, out May 7, 2021


  • Rock-crazy, grandiose introduction
  • Mellow, synchronous percussion serving as the song's backbone
  • Sing-along worthy chorus that amps up the chaos, which is a perfect juxtaposition to the verses' more mellow pace

Standout Lyrics: "Listening to Aerosmith / Later on I will call my mom / Now I'm pluggin' in to a Marshall stack / I can be anything I want"

"The First Day" by Villagers

Released: April 20, 2021

Album: Fever Dreams


  • Vivid, poetic imagery involving nature throughout lyrics
  • Almost a clash of sounds, with slow, soft verses carried by hopeful piano notes before rock-heavy chorus kicks in backed by the same quiet piano
  • Purposefully restrained vocals never rising above chorus' emotional discharge

Standout Lyrics: "Feels like snowflake, feels like sunshine / Feels like soft rain, feels like sweet rhyme / Feels like falling in love / On the first day of the rest of your life"

"Save Your Tears" (Remix) by The Weekend and Ariana Grande

Released: April 23, 2021

Album: Remix from After Hours' single 


  • Most of the original song is still intact, including the difference in vocal range from The Weekend
  • Mesmerizingly creepy music video
  • Grande's haunting vocals starting during the second verse, mirroring the depth and emotion The Weekend brings
  • Intermingling of the artists' two songs, especially during the chorus

Standout Lyrics: "Meet you once under a Pisces moon / I kept my distance 'cause I know that you / Don't like when I'm with nobody else / I couldn't help it, I put you through hell" 

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