Summer is in full swing! This week we're covering some summer anthems from Coldplay, Lorde, Khalid, and more!

"As You Are" - Samia

Released: July 20, 2021

Album: EP Scout


  • Specific word choice of events and feelings to detail raw emotions towards people 
  • Delicate piano notes mirroring vocal and string composition
  • Ethereal, beautiful vocals hitting high notes during chorus before dropping for verses

Standout Lyrics: "Portland brew for the dogs and the discourse / Sawyer's got a brand new job at the golf course / Get to know your bathroom floor the hard way / Put me in your car and drive down Broadway"

"Coloratura" - Coldplay

Released: July 22, 2021

Album: Upcoming Music of the Spheres


  • Hard, effervescent piano notes, encapsulating song with a captivating vibrancy
  • References to space and light, weightless feelings and objects, creating harmony with song's musical composition
  • Long, epic feel complimented by Martin's elongated, breathy vocal performance, almost giving pockets between guitar chords

Standout Lyrics: "Coloratura / The place we dreamed about / The melodies inside yourself and love come pouring out / And everyone's allowed / We're feathered by the crowd"


"Don't Go Yet" - Camila Cabello 

Released: July 23, 2021

Album: Upcoming Familia


  • Reflection of Cabello's Latin roots and views on joyous family affairs and love feels after the pandemic
  • Snappy, funky electronica rhythm underlined by soft, tiptoeing piano notes
  • Cabello's quickly sang words seemingly blending at times

Standout Lyrics: "I replayed this moment for months / Alone in my head, waitin' for it to come / I wrote all your lines in the scripts in my mind, and / I hope that you follow it for once"

"Stoned at the Nail Salon" - Lorde

Released: July 21, 2021

Album: Solar Power


  • Incredibly reflective lyrics dripping with nostalgia and self-empowerment
  • Masterful vocal performance, wavering with self-doubt and emotionally charged lyrics
  • Soft, simple string composition, giving a feel of containment and sadness

Standout Lyrics: "Got a memory of waiting in your bed wearing only my earrings / We'd go dancing all over the landmines under our town / But the sun has to rise / 
When it does, we'll divide up the papers"

"New Normal" - Khalid

Released: July 21, 2021

Album: Everything Is Changing 


  • Haunting descriptions of self-internalized feelings that reflect troubles during the pandemic
  • Atmospheric vocals that softened by DJ-produced beats and electronic synths
  • Hand clapping background creating a sense of support and finality

Standout Lyrics: "You don't pick your pages / It's how the story goes / In this life, it's what you makin' / It's out of your control / It's almost like you're screamin' / But no one hears your voice"


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