Summer is in full swing with new music!

Check out our review to see if your favorite artists are on it. This week, we're covering KSI, Natalie Imbruglia, the Jonas Brothers, and more!

"Dustland" - The Killers ft. Bruce Springsteen

Released: June 16, 2021

Album: Re-release of 2008 song


  • Captivating lyrics interweaving Cinderella Disney content with darker themes
  • Use of strings and piano to add power behind ballad before the introduction of rock and alternative elements
  • Switching between Springsteen's and Flower's vocals during verses, with each bringing own raw emotion into the lyrical content

Standout Lyrics: "The change came in disguise of a revelation , set his soul on fire / She said she'd always knew he'd come around / And the decades disappear like sinking ships, but we persevere / God gives us hope, but we still fear what we don't know / The mind is poison"

"Remember This" - Jonas Brothers

Released: June 18, 2021

Album: For U.S. Olympic Team Trials


  • Energetic opening before sleek guide into slower-paced verse
  • Vocal composition mainly comprised of short, chorus-like sang lyrics
  • Vibrant, feel-good vibe captured in a pop of chorus

Standout Lyrics: "We ain't gettin' any younger, to be honest, I don't care / I'm not tryna live forever, I'm just tryna be right here / This I know, only now it's all we got"


"Holiday" - KSI

Released: June 18, 2021

Album: All Over the Place


  • Vivid summery imagery coinciding through the verses and chorus with emotional imagery
  • Stripped-down feel to music composition which seems simple as a way to open up listeners to the power behind lyrics
  • DJ synths introduced during the chorus, amping up the song's pace to mirror KSI's heightened range

Standout Lyrics: "Looking for sun rays, needin' them good days / Fly me away-away, you're my holiday / Cool like the ocean, lost in emotion / Fly me away-away, you're my holiday / Whenever you're here it's a good time / Strawberry shirts in the sunshine"

"Build It Better" - Natalie Imbruglia

Released: June 18, 2021

Album: Firebird


  • Glamorous, glitzy synths and DJ beats cascading through the song
  • Imbruglia's vocals seeming to transcend and echo during the chorus
  • Positive, upbeat vibe permeating the verses, giving an overall triumphant feel

Standout Lyrics: "Is everything broken / If I could take it back / Even for a moment / Because some nights I want that / Should I call you"


"Knives" - Bullet for My Valentine

Released: June 18, 2021

Album: Bullet for My Valentine


  • Pulse-pounding, gritty pace that does not relent for a second
  • Screaming vocals that seem to ache with anger and sadness
  • Crunchy, grinding guitars and non-stop percussion that will make you want to nod your head the whole track

Standout Lyrics: "Poison, it runs through your veins / You wanna sacrifice what we made / Hatred is all that remains / And it hurts me to say"


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