We're covering Coldplay, Black Keys, PINK, and more!

It's our weekly song review where we dissect five new songs released this past week, May 2–9. Let us know what you think of our picks.

"Higher Power" by Coldplay

Released: May 6, 2021

Album: Upcoming


  • Outstanding percussion setting the pace of the track
  • Elongated drawls of Chris Martin's vocals soaring over the music
  • Wild, edgy energy rampant throughout

Standout Lyrics: "This boy is electric / This boy is electric and you're sparklin' like the universe connected / And I'm buzzin' night after night after night"

"All I Know So Far" by PINK

Released: May 7, 2021

Album: Live Album All I Know So Far: SetList


  • Format of pace and musical composition of song that mirrors story PINK is telling
  • Fresh, pop beats are introduced in the second half of the song
  • Slow, dramatic piano notes guiding listeners in

Standout Lyrics: "I wish someone would have told me that this life is ours to choose / No one's handing you the keys or a book with all the rules / The little that I know I'll tell to you / When they dress you up in lies and you're left naked with the truth"

"Going Down South" by Black Keys

Released: May 3, 2021

Album: Delta Kream


  • Easy, bluesy jams that will make you feel like you're traveling down a country road
  • Electric guitar adding a juicy, crunchy texture to the more jam band vibe
  • High-pitched vocals punctuating the rhythm

Standout Lyrics: "I'm going down south, going down south / Going down south, I'm going down south / Chilly wind don't blow"

"Get Together" by David Guetta

Released: May 7, 2021

Album: Single


  • Feel-good meaning of people coming together
  • Perfect, dynamic DJ beats that drop at the right times
  • House anthem that gears listeners up for the summer

Standout Lyrics: "Brokedown and I can't recover / So smooth, make it feel like butter / Take me all the way tonight / Oh, take me all the way tonight"

"Run" by OneRepublic

Released: May 5, 2021

Album: Human


  • Slower paced verses with somewhat groovy beat serving as a foil to an explosive chorus
  • Pleasant, harmonious whistling featured throughout the song
  • Lyrics bright and encouraging, describe shutting down toxicity during these times

Standout Lyrics: "They tell you that the sky might fall / They'll say that you might lose it all / So I run until I hit that wall / Yeah, I learned my lesson, count my blessings / Look to the rising sun and run, run, run"

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