Turn the music up! This week we're covering Billie Eilish, BTS, Aurora, and more!

New week, new music for you to consume. This week's top 5 new songs list includes new music from some of the industry's hottest artists, including Billie Eilish, BTS, and more.

"Cure For Me" - Aurora

Released: July 8, 2021

Album: Upcoming 


  • Gut-wrenchingly self-aware lyrics about not needing a cure about who she is as a person
  • Sultry, grinding during the verses before overlapping with the electronic beats introduced in the chorus
  • Aurora's glossy vocals talking to listeners 

Standout Lyrics: "I run from the liars, the fuel on the fire / I know I created myself / I know I can't fight the sad days and bad nights / But I never asked for your help"

"Love You Right" - Walk Off the Earth & Lukas Graham

Released: July 9, 2021

Album: Standalone


  • The sadness behind the truth of giving a relationship another go or not based on exterior factors
  • Blending between flashy pop beats and clear guitar riffs
  • The combined chorus of Graham and Nicassio proves stellar

Standout Lyrics: "So where do we go? / Cause’ all of my friends say it should end but what do they know? / Without you it’s cold / And it’s getting old, I feel so alone, just wanna come home"


"NDA" - Billie Eilish

Released: July 9, 2021

Album: Happier Than Ever, out July 30


  • An illuminating take on the struggles of celebrity dating, including dealing with stalkers and media
  • The piano notes that dapple across the verses 
  • The pounding, atmospheric beats sweeping over the dark, hypnotic vibe coupled with Eilish's magnetic, simple vocal arrangement

Standout Lyrics: "Thirty under thirty for another year / I can barely go outside, I think I hate it here / Maybe I should think about a new career / Somewhere in Kaua'i where I can disappear" 


"Permission to Dance" - BTS

Released: July 8, 2021

Album: Butter 


  • Feel-good vibe to mirror the positive and joyous lyrical content 
  • The pop, dance elements that seem to swell when the chorus hits
  • The energetic clapping and synth incorporation, giving this track an overall upbeat, triumphant feel

Standout Lyrics: "When the nights get colder / And the rhythms got you falling behind / Just dream about that moment"

"Wounds of Love" - Nation of Language

Released: July 8, 2021

Album: A Way Forward, out November 5


  • Gorgeous lyrics describing somewhat self-sabotaging mentality upon a relationship's end
  • The entire retro, '80s feel 
  • Haunting, breathy vocals clashing against the punctuating synths

Standout Lyrics: "But I can’t stop / There’s no ceiling in my heart / Foresight didn’t help me at all / I while away there, in my heart"

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