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It's our weekly music review where we dissect five new songs released this past week, May 9–16. Let us know if your favorite artist is on this music list.

"Electric" by Katy Perry

Released: May 14, 2021

Album: Pokemon 25: The Album


  • Pokemon-inspired video featuring Katy Perry and Pikachu traveling together 
  • Dramatic atmosphere that heightens power behind emotionally uplifting lyrics
  • Incredible imagery linking to Pokemon themes but everyday themes of not giving up

Standout Lyrics: "in the dark, when you feel lost / Wanna be the best, but at what cost? / If you're gonna stay here / Nothing's ever changin', no / Big world, gotta see it all / Gotta get up even when you fall / There's no point in waitin', no"

"Happy for You" by Lukas Graham

Released: May 14, 2021

Album: Upcoming


  • Gospel-like feel built up at the end of the song, underscored by an enthralling electric guitar
  • The mournful piano notes that hold this entire song together
  • Graham's stellar vocals carrying so much emotion and sadness 

Standout Lyrics: "Love you, hate you, all the same / Either way it takes up space / I had you, I had you / Haunted by the ghost of us / Sorry, now I've said too much / I had to, I had you"

"Won't Sleep" by Tones & I

Released: May 14, 2021

Album: Upcoming album 


  • Creepy, Halloween-inspired video accompanying track
  • Tones & I clear-cut, restrained vocals that pair with the funky, creative composition
  • Pops of vibrancy resounding in spaces between beat drops

Standout Lyrics: "We like to party / Sleep without a sequence, grab somebody / But don't go tell your mama 'cause she won't sleep / She won't sleep"

"Good 4 U" by Olivia Rodrigo

Released: May 14, 2021

Album: SOUR


  • Real emotion and meaning behind words that anyone who undergoes heartbreak can experience
  • Aggressively sang a second verse that makes you want to pull your hair out (in a not good way!)
  • Gritty, dark verses that are slow and tension-building before breaking over the chaotic chorus

Standout Lyrics: "Well, good for you / You look happy and healthy, not me / If you ever cared to ask / Good for you / You're doin' great out there without me, baby"

"It's a Sin" by Elton John ft. Years and Years

Released: May 12, 2021

Album: Standalone


  • Dynamic, wild blend of rock and electronic
  • John's vocals soaring over the sea of vibrant beats 
  • Dramatic sense poised between the verses and chorus because of the musical composition, from soothing piano notes to classic rock to straight dance

Standout Lyrics: "So I look back upon my life / It's always with a sense of shame / I've always been the one to blame / For everything I long to do / No matter when or where or who / Has one thing in common, too"

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