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It's our weekly song review where we dissect five new songs released this past week, September 12–19. Let us know what you think of our song reviews and other songs you'd like to see on our list in the comments section below. Let's dive in!

"Hurricane" - Ofenbach & Ella Henderson

Released: September 16, 2021

Album: Collaboration


  • Cleverness behind weather-heavy references in lyrics to mirror natural feelings of love
  • Uplifting and upbeat dance anthem that resounds with Henderson's heartfelt vocals
  • A build-up of paces between verses and chorus, before layering into juxtaposing rhythms 

Standout Lyrics: "It's spinning through my mind like a hurricane / Calling out your name in a heavy rain / Blowing through my mind like a hurricane / I'm losing my faith in the heavy rain"

"Die4u" - Bring Me the Horizon

Released: September 16, 2021

Album: POST HUMAN EP Series


  • Raw emotion seeping through lyrics about overcoming unhealthy addictions
  • Atmospheric, ethereal feel backed by glossy piano notes and strummy bass
  • Deliciously abrupt change from the gently inviting first verse to the bombastic chorus

Standout Lyrics: "You know that I'd die for, I'd cry for / You know that I'd die for you / You know that I'd breathe for, I'd bleed for / You know that I'd breathe for you / Let me see my halo, even though it's painful"

"Love for Sale" - Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

Released: September 17, 2021

Album: Love for Sale


  • Incredible poetic imagery describing "appetizing young love" through lenses of story-like character
  • Jazz elements flavoring the song with vibrancy and smoothness
  • Bennett's and Gaga's vocals meeting the same heightened range over the verses and chorus

Standout Lyrics: "Let the poets pipe of love in their childish way / I know every type of love better far than they / If you want the thrill of love / She's been through the mill of love"

"Pendejo" - Enrique Iglesias

Released: September 17, 2021

Album: FINAL, Part One 


  • The easy, upbeat guitar introducing Iglesias's vocals and invites listeners in
  • The way the beat seems to skip along with Iglesias' singing as if complimenting it
  • The feeling of heartache and sadness bleeding through Iglesias' lyrics

Standout Lyrics: "Y por un ratico / Me quito el corazon y te lo dejo / Pa' ver si asi te hago sentir lo mismo / Esta vaina que al verte me da / Que me da, que me da, que me da"

"Earthlings" - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Released: September 16, 2021

Album: B-Sides & Rarities Part II 


  • Haunting, almost troubling lyrics that are both poetic and reflective in content and description
  • The incredibly sad wistful introduction via percussion and brass instruments
  • The chorus of many voices heralding the song's end with a gospel-like feel

Standout Lyrics: "I think they’re singing to be free / As one star dies and the night collapses / A rise in love enraptured / I thought that love would one day set me free / I think my friends have gathered here for me"

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