17. "it's time to go" - bonus track

Musically, I don't know where "it's time to go" is, well, going. The hook during the first chorus is catchy as hell, though, and the twangy country guitar near the end is fun. Lyrically, Swift gives us a few lovely, simple lines: "Or that moment again, he's insisting that friends/ Look at each other like that," "That old familiar body ache," and "He's got my past frozen behind glass/ But I've got me."

Alas, despite that, "it's time to go" suffers from a disappointing literalism. The chorus does not do our favorite Swiftian trick of turning a familiar phrase or idea on its head, instead of giving it to us exactly as it is. "Sometimes giving up is the strong thing/ Sometimes to run is the brave thing/ Sometimes walking out is the one thing/ That will find you the right thing." That being said, sometimes we need the reminder.

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