It's all about having the right tools.

Business is like woodworking. One starts by creating a few simple items, then as demands change or grow, so do the skills – and tool collection – of the woodworker. Thus, it's no surprise that the woodworker who makes good use of the latest power tools will always be able to outproduce those who stick to more primal methods. So if you're a business owner looking to build bigger, produce more, and ultimately grow, you might want to consider adding some of these tools to your company toolbox.

Here are the five best business tools every business should use:


Photo by Shotzr Photographer Dustin Handrich

Shotzr is a Denver-based company that offers a unique way of reaching people – through dazzling localized content. Some have called it 'Commercial Instagram,' but after a deep dive into the business, it's clear that there's much more at work here. Shotzr and its community of photographers not only grant you access to targeted localized images, but they also curate galleries for you and have proprietary technology that essentially automates sourcing images for your ad creative, if you wish. 


Sometimes e-mail just isn't fast enough, and that's when Slack comes in. Essentially, it's an instant messenger for businesses and organizations. In it, you can message your coworkers directly, message groups of people, set up channels, send files, and much more. You can even connect it to your phone via the Slack App for even easier, on-the-go communication. 


If your business requires the use of a CRM, don't hesitate to shop around. Salesforce is an excellent tool, but it requires quite the set up/training. Zoho, on the other hand, is much easier to use, performs many of the same functions, and might work a little better for your needs.

Dropbox Business

When it comes to cloud file management, Dropbox is leading the pack. When you opt for Dropbox business ($15 per month), you'll have almost unlimited storage, great security, and organizational features not found with the competition. 

PIN Business Network 

Sometimes, that tool is a partner. As a Denver-based data-driven marketing organization, PIN has garnered the attention of the Denver Business Journal, among others, for its scripting technology and use of first-party data to drive sales. If you need to get marketing material out there and quick, these are the folks to talk to. 

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