These signs are a clear indication that you're working in a place that will only hinder your career.

With all the industry shakeups caused by COVID-19, you've likely realized that your employer is either a) on your side and works hard to keep you, or b) doesn't care for your well-being or success in the slightest. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's to take a step back and discover what makes us truly happy in work and in life. Many working professionals are seeking out career guidance or investing in more education to give their professional paths a boost.

If it's work that has you down, for reasons other than social distancing and budget cuts, the signs below show that you're working in an environment that's as toxic as the groundwater around the DuPont plant.

1. No one is happy to be there


When negativity trumps positivity on a daily basis, it's obvious that management doesn't care about office morale or making an effort in retaining employees. 

2. Bosses are bullies


If there's a sociopath in charge, do yourself a favor and start looking elsewhere for a job. Management is supposed to lead, not demean.

3. No upward mobility


People outgrow their roles over time and if leadership is preventing worthy promotions or title changes, it's time to start re-evaluating your commitment to your employer. 

4. Boundaries are not respected


Excessive after-hours phone calls, being forced to work on your honeymoon, too much speculation into your personal life, and other invasive habits show that you are not seen as a human with a life outside of work. 

5. Credit thieves


People steal credit because they aren't smart enough to come up with an idea on their own—and they know it. This insecurity creates a breeding ground for resentment and backstabbing as time goes on.

6. Rampant harassment


Harassment in any form in a workplace is never acceptable and can bring companies down overnight. #MeToo, anyone?

7. There's a gossip mill


If your office behavior is akin to that of a middle school lunch table, it only shows that funneling rumors is more important than funneling revenue.

Any other signs of a toxic work environment that we missed? Comment below.