Most of us have $1,400 on the way, and you're probably thinking about how to spend it.

Before you blow your entire stimulus check, make sure you take care of any pressing debts: utilities, rent, car payments ... you know, the adult stuff. If you're lucky enough to have a bit leftover, here are some easy ways to make a difference in your local economy.

Skip the chain grocery stores and go to your local mom-and-pop convenience store. Make a ridiculous purchase like a dozen candy bars or some extra ramen noodles for your cupboard. It may be cheap for you, but it will really help out those independent stores.

While we're on the subject of food, go ahead and look up your local fishmonger, butcher, or wine shop. Treat yourself to a little something different, even if it's just a lobster tail.

Go to your neighborhood hardware store and buy something new for the yard. Summer is right around the corner! If you can't afford a whole new grill, how about some new plants or solar-powered garden lights?

Don't forget the four-legged family members. Take Fluffy to the local groomer to get a new hairdo or invest in some new pet supplies. Just remember, you want to avoid the big national stores and go for the little guy. Just try not to go too crazy!

Go online and splurge on that one handmade item that you've been coveting. You're supporting the starving artists, after all! From unique jewelry to artisanal candles for your home decor, online sellers have got it all. 

Find a local clothing boutique and buy one item ... just because you can. We all need clothes, and there's no reason we have to buy them all from "the man." You never know what you'll find with those smaller retailers.

Now that it's finally spring, find a new watering hole and tip your bartender like you mean it. Seriously. Put a smile on someone's face with your generosity! This goes for any service industry, in case you're looking to get your hair or nails done.

All joking aside, try to save at least a little something to prop up your local shops. It's been a really rough year, and every purchase helps with a small business.

Do you have big plans for your own stimmy, or are you being responsible and just paying bills? Let us know in the comments.