What if you had a chance to live inside of a kaleidoscope?

An empty parking lot space at 19th and Arapahoe sits and waits for a new type of high-rise to be built upon it. The sooner developers finalize owning that particular piece of land, the sooner something brand new and beautiful will come to Denver. 

The kaleidoscope design has mirrors and bright colors that force the eyes upward. Once you’re looking up, you’ll be able to see the kaleidoscope effect.

love this city tower

Rendering of the retail and deck space (mid-way up the structure), beneath the residential units. | Courtesy of Land Capital LLC

Michael Eisenstein, owner of Boulder-based Land Capital, LLC, is working with investors to transfigure the current emptiness of Denver’s skyline.

“It’s kind of nestled there in kind of a quiet zone ... right now, and it’s just waiting for the right electricity to hit it,” he said. He’s also expressed excitement over the new unique project. So far, there’s nothing like this anywhere. The goal is to create more housing for the growing population in the City of Denver.

Current plans for the skyscraper are apartments. Hotels, retail, commercial spaces are also possibilities. A budget document from Land Capital states that there could be 1,253 residential units (roughly 510 square feet). Still, wouldn’t it be cool to live inside a colorful building?

Don’t expect anything to be built there anytime soon, though. Groundbreaking for the project is more than a year away, possibly three years.

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