You'll never believe the extents some people will go through to beef up their resumes ...

Zippia, a career website, decided to look at 3,543,017 resumes to see what kinds of responses job seekers gave when asked what those extra skills, hobbies, and interests are. The results can only be described as bizarre. 

Believe it or not, there's a faction of people who include “Kardashian” on their resume—why? We have no clue. This trend seems to be the biggest in California, where the Insta-famous family lives.

In Alaska, some people list "UFO" as a skillset; one example, quoted by Zippia, was “Familiar with many different satellite types including DSCS, MILSTAR, UFO, Intel Sat, and Pan Am Sat.”

Zippa broke things down by state and provided the most unexpected “additional interests” listed on resumes for each state, take a look below at our 10 favorite weird resume interests:

  • Alaska - "Klingon"
  • Alabama - "Wookie" 
  • Florida - "Magic"
  • Missouri - "Hotdog"
  • Montana - "Wife"
  • New Mexico - "Alien"
  • New York - "Arguing"
  • Nevada - "Arson"
  • South Dakota - "Ghosts"
  • Wyoming - "Dude"

Take a look below and see what the full results were:

Map of US
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As you can see, things start to get super awkward in some states and are plain bizarre in others. Employers are not looking for insight into your late-night interests, weekend hobbies, or other random activities when they ask this question. An employer asks for these things to get a more well-rounded idea of who a prospective employee is, and it gives a picture of that person’s personality and values. 

What do you think about all this? Where you surprised at what was the most common weirdest resume term in your state? Sound off in the comments.