Customers can walk in, shop, and leave—without ever needing to talk to a cashier or deal with the pesky self-checkouts.

Grocery shopping is like laundry—one of the most dreaded and most frequent chores that we have to deal with. But buying food may have just gotten a little more tolerable with Amazon's latest contribution to the grocery store industry. 

Amazon Go Grocery opened in Seattle (Amazon headquarters' backyard) on February 25, and it delivers on size, quality, and convenience. The full-sized grocery store is the first of its kind—and one where you can shop for all your groceries and simply walk out of the store. Customers only need their phones to enter the store—no worries about membership cards, credit cards, cash, or wallets!

What does a shopping experience look like in this grocery store of the future?

First, customers open their Amazon Go app and pull up the QR code on their phone screen. With a simple scan of the personalized code, the gate will open and customers are free to pick up reusable bags and fill them with produce, meats, and even seafood.

Amazon grocery store

Courtesy of MarketWatch

One major difference in this store compared to other grocery retailers is that things like fresh produce are now priced per item, so this eliminates the need to weigh items like bananas. When shoppers are done, they simply walk out the gate and go on with their day. Even though the store may be lacking cashiers, there are still workers around so shelves stay stocked and shoppers can ask questions. Later, customers receive their receipt via the app and it charges for the food picked up from there. 

Accuracy is a big issue on everyone's mind when it comes to this groundbreaking grocery store, but Amazon is confident in its "go technology" that is incorporated in this store. There are tons of high-quality cameras, sensors, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to track the items that people actually take out of the store. These technologies are very similar to the ones used in self-driving cars, so if they are good enough to pilot us on busy roads, they should be able to track our groceries!

amazon grocery

Courtesy of CNN

Claire Reilly at CNET posted a video on YouTube of her experience at the Amazon Go Grocery, and she even gave feedback in the comments on YouTube about her receipt. During her visit, she picks up and puts back several vegetables and fruits, wanders around the store multiple times, and deliberately tries to trick the system. She reports that her receipt was 100 percent accurate when she received it later that day. 

Watch the video here:

This Seattle location is the first Amazon Go Grocery and, at this time, Amazon executives are refusing to comment on plans of opening any other locations. However, if the technology succeeds and the stores generate positive feedback, this could change the disdain for grocery shopping and the industry as we know it!

How do you think the online-retail giant will do in the world of perishables? Are you excited by the idea of checkout-free shopping experiences? Let us know in the comments!