Now through Monday, November 11, Amazon’s Veterans Day special reduces the price of the Amazon Prime membership fee from $119 a year to $79 for one year to eligible veterans and active-military, who are new or existing Prime members.

According to Amazon’s terms, to receive this offer, you must be a U.S. veteran, active-military, in the Reserves, or a member of the National Guard. The only thing you need to do is verify your eligibility through Amazon’s special link, and in a couple of clicks, the wonderful world of Amazon Prime can be yours, too.

If you are an existing Prime member, this deal will extend your membership by one year. Click here to get started.

Amazon Prime Veterans Day $40 Discount

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Just so you’re aware, there is a maximum of three times to attempt the verification process. Therefore, if you’re having trouble online, contact Amazon’s Customer Support team after your first attempt at, and they can help you via email. Also, heads up, veterans: you’ll have to enter your “discharge date” which means the month and year you left the military. Since you only have three tries at this great offer, we wanted you to have that date on hand while going through the extremely easy eligibility process.

I asked a retired, career Navy officer, veteran, and existing Amazon Prime customer to go through the process so I could test the ease of it and report back to you. Well, he completed the eligibility process and paid the $79 to extend his membership by a year before I even asked him to start. While that really wasn’t how I envisioned my experiment, the result had a positive outcome. Click, qualify, pay, and bada bing bada boom, you’re either a newly enrolled Amazon Prime Member or an existing Amazon Prime Member with a one-year extension at $40 less. Easy as apple pie.

Hurry though, this offer by Amazon ends on Monday, November 11.

We at OCN thank you for your sacrifice and service for our country!