If your local store is open, expect to see some big changes.

Feeling a little Mac withdrawal? You may have an Apple store opening up near you soon! As more states start to loosen their COVID-19 restrictions, more and more retail locations will be opening their doors.

For now, over two dozen stores will be reopening this week in the following states: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Washington. You can still shop online for the full range of products and initiate a service call on the Apple support site as well.

If your local store is open, expect to see some big changes:

  • All customers and employees must wear a face covering once in the store. If you do not have a mask or scarf with you, a mask will be provided for you.
  • Temperature checks will be done before entering the door, and a checklist of COVID-19 symptoms will be on display for your reference.
  • You may encounter a line outside as employees manage the number of shoppers allowed entry.
  • Once inside the store, you will see more space between displays and fewer people browsing with you.
  • High-touch areas will receive regular cleanings and you may see fewer products out in the open for testing out.

Apple store

Courtesy of Apple

Find the full list of Apple stores here. Click on your local store to see if has reopened or if it remains temporarily closed. Curbside dropoff and pickup may also be a good option for you if you don't feel comfortable going to a store in person.

For more information about the reopening of Apple stores, check out the official announcement.

Are you in desperate need of some Genius Bar support right now? Is your local store open yet? Let us know in the comments!