Everyone recognizes the importance of social distancing, even automakers.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 has affected businesses large and small on top of threatening the health and safety of millions of people. Despite not being able to perform most business functions, brands are doing their best in supporting the efforts to contain this pandemic. Some may call it clever marketing; others may deem it social commentary. 


Audi's iconic four-ring logo being split apart and put back together honors the message that healthcare and government officials all over the world are trying to encourage: stay home to keep others safe. As hard as it is for many to be away from their families and to sit tight at home, it's important to remember that we're all in this together.

While none of us can spend a Saturday at an Audi dealership testing the latest and greatest 2020 models, many dealerships are still open for service, parts and for vehicle delivery or pickup options for those looking to purchase new or used vehicles. Drivers can still appreciate the fact that this luxury automotive brand cares about the population. After all, being apart now means being together later.