In the current booming gig economy, the delivery platform "Dumpling" is offering its users major autonomy.

With more and more people ordering their groceries online, a new way of shopping was bound to emerge. Unlike Instacart or Doordash, which operate more like a bulletin board for delivery drivers to snap up jobs, Dumpling is a place for customers to connect with personal shoppers, and vice versa.

That's right—you can hire a helper who can customize your shopping and run your errands the way you would. For the shoppers, it's a great way to cultivate repeat customers and build a following for their services.

The platform takes a cut of each transaction, but for the most part, each shopper is his or her own boss. Every shopping trip is funded by Dumpling and paid for by the customer, so shoppers will never have to whip out their own credit cards.

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For customers, one big advantage is that you'll pay actual store prices, including what's on sale, instead of inflated, store average prices. The proof is in the original store receipt you'll get with each order.


With Dumpling, you're not limited to a set number of chain stores. Once shoppers start communicating with customers, they can request goods from the local farmers' market, an additional stop like the dry cleaner, and any business within the specified delivery area. The sky's the limit!

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On average, shoppers charge a flat fee per trip or a percentage of the final tab's total (usually 10 to 20 percent), as well as a tip. Most have posted rates for additional stops, and maintain their shopper profiles with a current list of fees. As with any small business, shoppers are encouraged to market their services with business cards, discount codes, and personalized service.


It costs $19.99 to get set up as a personal shopper on the platform, and that one-time fee includes things like direct deposit, a Dumpling credit card to use for transactions, 100 business cards, and more. Click here to see more on how to sign up on the platform. Once you get established, you can upgrade your shopper account to bring on team members for an additional monthly fee. 

For more information about how this all works, or to give Dumpling a try as a customer, head to their official website. You can browse listings for shoppers in your area and even read reviews.

**The photos in this article are courtesy of Dumpling on Facebook.

Have you tried Dumpling or any other grocery delivery services? What do you think? Is there a visible difference in service or savings? Sound off in the comments!