It's one of two stores coming to the U.S. sometime next year.

D.C. is set to get one of the nation’s first Whole Foods stores that operate without cashiers. The new store will be located in the Glover Park neighborhood and will use Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology.

A second cashier-less store is slated for Sherman Oaks, California.

Shoppers can add products to their bags and simply walk out when they are finished shopping. A receipt for their purchase will be sent by email. Amazon is already using the technology at Amazon Go stores in New York City and Seattle.

The 21,500 square-foot D.C. store will be located at 2323 Wisconsin Avenue NW and will have the same quality products found at traditional Whole Foods stores. The company says it will still be staffing the stores with the same amount of employees, but they will be focused on helping customers in the aisles.

“Our Team Members are our secret sauce–the expertise they offer in our aisles and the passion they bring to our stores are what makes Whole Foods Market such a special place to shop,” said Mackey. “We already have a bunch of incredible Team Members working hard to get these stores ready, and we look forward to hiring many more as we get closer to opening.”

To use the walkout service, customers will need to download the Amazon or Whole Foods app and make sure they have a credit or debit card attached to the account. Customers can also use Amazon One, a technology that reads your palm print to verify your identity and transact payment. When you enter the store you will scan a special QR code and scan it again when you are ready to check out. Customers wary of the technology can use traditional self-checkout machines or check out with an employee at the service desk.

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