Carnivores can rejoice in all things protein with Chef Brunson's sumptuous deli and restaurant located in Denver's Northside Neighborhood.

Chef Justin Brunson, the man who gave Denver Old Major and Culture Meat & Cheese, is setting up shop in the hotly-anticipated Leevers Locavore grocery store. Not only will shoppers get to enjoy his wide selection of protein at his River Bear American Meats Butcher Shop and deli counter, but those in need of a sit-down meal can take in a delicious spread and relax in a carnivorous afterglow at his in-store restaurant. 

What sets Chef Brunson's meats apart from other restaurants and delis is that he insists on providing quality meats and cheeses free of artificial ingredients or hormones. Chef Brunson also takes his time when sourcing his goods, insisting that partnerships with co-ops of small family farms that exhibit ideal farming practices, antibiotic-free treatment, and a focus on good genetics. With an agricultural background starting in his youth on a rural Iowa farm, it's safe to say that he knows a thing or two about how meat should be raised.

raw meat
Courtesy River Bear American Meats (Facebook)

It can be hard to find a reputable meat supply for meals and party spreads, but Chef Brunson has made it both easy and reliable, and I think all of us carnivores in Denver are more than a little bit grateful for his contribution.  

Keep an eye out for Leevers Locavore's grand opening this summer!