Brides left with unanswered questions and empty pocketbooks after a Loveland wedding dress shop unexpectedly closes.

Brides-to-be spend a lot of time, money, and effort trying to find that perfect dress for their special day and having something go wrong is the stuff of nightmares.

A group of brides in Loveland, Colorado, are living that nightmare after the wedding dress shop they were working with closed, without notice. The Loveland Wedding Center, which has been in business for several years, closed abruptly in October.

One of the women says she visited the shop a week after speaking with staff on the phone to find the building empty and a “For Lease” sign posted outside.

Loveland Wedding Center

Courtesy of the Loveland Wedding Center (Facebook)

The Loveland Wedding Center, until quite recently, had very positive reviews online on Yelp, 5-star reviews on The Knot and dated May 2019. The business webpage is no longer active. It previously had a picture collage and a message that stated, as of Friday, November 8:

“Thank you for the memories! All special orders will be completed and delivered, for questions please email or call. Thank you.”

The site has since been completely taken down.

The Facebook page associated with the Loveland business is still active, though it has no new posts on it at this time and no publicly visible posts since November of 2013.

As reported by FOX31, bride-to-be Kayla Haddix has been working with the shop for months, paid hundreds in a deposit, and expected her dress to arrive this summer. Her dress never showed up, and the shop never gave her a solid explanation and said the dress was still on its way. Another bride Ciara Matthews paid $1,600 for a dress that, when delivered, was not the one she had ordered; she has been unable to get her money back or speak to anyone at the shop. Another bride paid $900 for her dress in March, which never arrived. 

The stories are all similar, and the brides feel duped, betrayed, and are left in a very tight spot.

With her money tied up in the shop, and no way to get a refund or her dress, Kayla Haddix decided to file a police report and take the owners of the shop to small claims court. Two more brides have joined Haddix in pursuing the lawsuit. So far, the shop is suspected of keeping over $10,000 from brides-to-be who purchased or put deposits down on dresses.

There has been no comment made publicly from the shop, and the brides just hope they can find a way to work through all this, with the stress of a lawsuit adding to the now pressing issue of finding new dresses and affording to pay for them.

This is a very unfortunate turn of events, and we wish everyone the best of luck on moving forward. What would you do in this situation? Sound off in the comments.