Forget work from home! Spend the workday in the peace and quiet of a hotel room with a "work from hotel" day-rate package. 

If you're like many Americans who have been working from home for the past year, you might be tired of juggling work and kids. Or maybe your back hurts from the lousy posture your dining room chair is giving you. Working from home was fun at first, but many of us are ready for an escape. If you live in the Denver metropolitan area, that escape is just a short drive away. 

To increase business and make up lost profits, some Denver area hotels are offering a "work from hotel" package for people who need a quiet place to work during the day. Instead of checking in the late afternoon and leaving late morning, guests can use hotel rooms during the day to get their work done in a safe and different setting than home.

The special packages and rates let people book a room for the daytime and get to work without the daily life distractions. 

For example, Born, a Kimpton Hotel is offering a "WFHotel" package for those looking for a productive escape. The package includes: 

  • 30% off room day rental (no overnight accommodations)
  • Flat-screen monitor, including an HDMI cable and power to the table and conference phone
  • Free WiFi
  • 10% off to-go breakfast, happy hour, or dinner at Citizen Rail 

Several other Denver area hotels are also offering similar amenities, even for under $100 a day, including Hampton and Sheraton brand hotels. Dayuse, a European company that recently launched in the U.S., will list nearby day-use hotel rooms near you. 

Are you interested in trying out a work-from-hotel model? Let us know in the comments.