Liquor distilleries in Colorado start making hand sanitizer. 

Hand sanitizer has become one of the highest in-demand items in the world right now, and there's a shortage of it in the United States. But help has come from an unexpected source ...

Liquor distilleries across the country have started making hand sanitizer in their facilities and handing it out. One of those helping out in this time of crisis is Spirit Hound Distillers in Lyons, Colorado. They saw the need and began working on making hand sanitizer last week. Using a recipe from the World Health Organization (WHO), the distillery used glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, and 100 percent ethyl alcohol made from corn to whip up a big batch.

They filled four-ounce bottles and gallon jugs and began passing out the hand sanitizer, free of charge, to organizations around the area that need it.

Another local company, Green Goo, stepped up with donated bottles to put the hand sanitizer in.

Sprit Hound has donated its hand sanitizer to the Lyons Fire Protection District, lots of local businesses, healthcare professionals, and nonprofits. The bottles are also available in the Spirit Hound tasting room for a small but encouraged donation.

Spirt Hound is not alone in the effort to quickly produce hand sanitizer. In Boulder, J & L Distilling Company held a hand sanitizer workshop to teach people how to make their own and has started making batches and delivering them around the community.

Both these businesses, and many others that are jumping on board to help put in this time of crisis, are facing uncertain futures, but that's not stopping them from lending a hand. It's a pretty remarkable thing to see, and embodies the true spirit of Colorado, to help those around us, and these folks are doing a great job. Our hats off to you!

Spirit Hound Distillers making hand sanitizer
Courtesy of Spirit Hound Distillers (Facebook)

You can see the WHO recipe for hand sanitizer here, if you are curious about what the process entails. The effort to curb the demand for hand sanitizer is growing as distilleries in Oregon, Atlanta, Alaska, New Mexico, Indiana, Oregon, New York, and more are helping out to produce the gooey stuff that everyone is desperate to get their hands on right now.  

Through all the uncertainly and unease we face as we all work through this health crisis, it's refreshing and warming to the psyche to see people putting their best foot forward and continuing to do this kind of important work. Our many thanks to these good folks.

Do you know of any other business in Colorado making hand sanitizer or other supplies to support the community in this time of need? Let us know in the comments.