CDOT is looking for snowplow drivers to keep roads statewide passable and safe this winter. 

As wintery weather swiftly moves into the state, the Colorado Department of Transpiration (CDOT) is getting ready for the season, in part, by hiring new snowplow drivers.

CDOT has added more than 100 positions to its snowplow driving team. They have also raised hourly pay rates for these temporary positions. New snowplow drivers will be paid $23 an hour, while retired drivers will be paid $25 an hour or their hourly rate at retirement.

Those interested will need to have a commercial driver’s license to operate the snowplows. Additionally, CDOT has been given a residency waiver from the Department of Personnel and Administration, which allows them to hire and recruit drivers from all over the country, as well as provide a housing stipend for those employees.

There are positions available all over the state and the hiring process has already started. Those interested can apply here.

CDOT hires a slew of drivers every year to help keep roads across the state passable and safe, especially as we closer to the colder months, which are known for icy and hazardous traveling conditions. The positions last for 9 months or less and are open until filled.

As we start to see more of the frozen white stuff and road conditions change from smooth to slick, we should all take the time to be prepared. Keeping an eye on weather forecasts, checking mountainous routes before heading out, and allowing extra time for travel are all ways we can prepare to be safe on the road, as well as keeping vehicles well maintained and properly equipped with snow tires or chains. Read about the new traction law already in effect for I-70 travel.

Will you be applying for one of CDOT's snowplow driver positions? Have any winter driving and safety tips? Sound off in the comments below. And stay warm out there, Denver!