He says about 80 members have taken him up on the offer so far.

The owner of a small gym in Bloomington, Illinois, knows how difficult it is to get your fitness routine on track. Drew Whitted, owner of Be Strong Gym, wants to help his members keep up their hard-earned fitness goals, so he's taking equipment that was just gathering dust in his empty gym and letting members borrow it for free until quarantine ends.

Not wanting people to miss their workouts or interrupt their fitness plans and goals, Whitted announced his effort and encouraged members to sign out the gym equipment. He says about 80 members have taken him up on the offer so far, to the tune of about $40,000 worth of gym equipment. 

He hopes it will bring people together in these isolated times.

“Now I see a whole family, getting through this shelter in place, getting through this tough time doing these workouts together, bonding together, becoming healthier and happier together as a family unit,” he told CNN.

While members will have to return the equipment once the lockdown ends, he says he's not worried about it. He thinks everyone will just be excited to work out together again.

"He had recently put a lot of money into getting new equipment,” Paulette Coco, a Be Strong Gym member who's insisted on paying him anyway, told CNN in an interview. “I mean, his equipment is really beautiful, so it was a big sacrifice.”

The small business owner says he has promised to retain and pay all eight of his employees and offer all members a free month once quarantine is over.

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