Many businesses and public spaces still require masks.

As America gets vaccinated and back out there, we have questions: "If we're fully vaccinated, do we still need to wear masks? And where, exactly?" 

As of last Friday, WUSA reports, "mask mandates have been lifted in most spaces across the DMV," with the exceptions of Prince George's County and Montgomery County. But mask mandate or not, businesses and workplaces have the freedom to "implement their own policies requiring ... face coverings ... on their premises." 

Airports are one of those—with the TSA requiring masks across "all transportation networks throughout the United States, including at airports, onboard commercial aircraft, on over-the-road buses, and on commuter bus and rail systems through September 13."

WUSA clarifies only "children under the age of two, or persons with medical conditions that prevent them from safely wearing a mask are exempt." This transportation mandate extends to "public transportation, such as metro or bus," and in the DMV area, masks are still required in health and child care facilities, as well as schools and libraries. This includes daycares, hospitals, doctor's offices, and K-12 public schools. 

As for recreation, while Nats Park doesn't require fully vaccinated people to wear masks, if you head to the Capital One Arena, "face coverings are required for anyone over the age of two." If you think you can't make it through a game without a drink or snack, though, never fear. The mask mandate is "at all times, except while actively eating or drinking in your designated seat."

In the Smithsonian, as well, visitors two years of age or older must wear masks in any indoor space, although you can still take them off to eat and drink in "designated spaces," and "fully vaccinated visitors are not required to wear a mask while outdoors." 

Virginia is still in a state of emergency until the end of this month, and President Biden urged "any Virginian who is not yet vaccinated to do so—the vaccines are the best way to protect yourself and your community from COVID-19 ... Vaccinations are how we put this pandemic in the rearview mirror and get back to being with the people we love and doing the things we have missed."

Where have you had to wear a mask? Keep us in the loop and share in the comments.