Restaurant's website is taking applications ahead of opening. 

The Colorado Springs In-N-Out location will be the first one to open in the state, and a sign on the construction site announced it was already hiring. 

While the exact opening date hasn't been released, it appears the chain is gearing up by bringing on employees. It's expected the burger joint will open at the end of the year

According to the sign, positions start at $14.50 an hour for store associates and custodial associates. According to its employment page, In-N-Out offers training and manager development to store associates, as well as benefits in certain positions. And, free food!

"The job is what In-N-Out is all about, give customers the freshest, highest quality foods and provide them with friendly service in a sparkling clean environment. At In-N-Out, our work environment is fast paced, fun and team-oriented. We encourage all our Associates to grow within the company. In fact, all store managers started as hourly Associates and were promoted with the help of an ongoing training and development program. In addition to a great starting wage, we offer benefits like flexible schedules and paid vacations. Our full-time Associates are eligible to receive medical, dental, vision, and other insurance benefits. You can even have a free burger every day you work," said the website

In-N-Out is known to pay its employees better than most other fast food restaurants. And if you stick with it, the company likes to promote managers from within, taking care of those it invests in quite well. According to Business Insider, some store managers have worked their way up to earning a $160,000 annual salary. 

If you are interested in applying to the Colorado Springs location, visit the In-N-Out Employment webpage and select the positions you would like to pursue. 

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