Coronavirus/COVID-19 has caused a surge in purchases of ammunition and firearms, yet DCF Guns in Castle Rock was already prepared.

With any crisis that creates social unrest, items such as firearms and ammo inevitably see a spike in demand. Because coronavirus/COVID-19 has stirred up anxiety around the world, it's understandable that the public would be more concerned with their personal safety. As a result, this situation has them flocking to firearm and ammunition suppliers to buy what they feel they need to keep them and their families safe. Another problem with the influx of gun purchases is that background checks now take much longer. A process that normally takes 45 minutes to an hour now takes as long as two to three days. 

dcf guns and ammo

As such, a majority of the stores that supply firearms and ammunition are not prepared for a surge in sales all at once. One store that was prepared for consumer stockpiling was DCF Guns in Castle Rock.

An issue that DCF Guns would like to address is that many individuals who are purchasing guns in response to the current events are doing so with little to no firearm knowledge, and this is not an ideal situation for anyone. DCF Guns encourages customers to sign up for their training courses, such as Practical Pistol, Practical Carbine, Basic Firearms Maintenance and Cleaning and many others. Click here to visit their website and learn more.