The seasoning company is looking for a “Director of Taco Relations.”

If you grew up in the United States, you can probably remember a time when your family made tacos using powder seasoning from McCormick. The over 100-year old company took the guesswork out of making tacos, fajitas, and dozens of other dishes with its specialty seasoning mixes.

Now, the company is looking to kick it up another notch by hiring a director of taco relations. Interested parties have until July 20, to submit their application.

The person who gets the job will be helping the chefs at McCormick come up with new dishes made with McCormick taco seasonings. In addition to tasting yummy dishes, the director will get $100,000 plus an assortment of McCormick products and seasonings. As people spent more time cooking and eating at home, the company saw sales of taco seasoning soar.

"While taco trends continue to change and evolve, our seasoning has remained the first choice for countless families across the country. In fact, over the past year, we have seen our taco seasoning fly off grocery store shelves, at a rate of over 200 packets a minute,” said Jill Pratt, Chief Marketing Officer for McCormick.  “McCormick's Director of Taco Relations will ultimately honor and support the millions of Americans that rely on our taco seasoning every day while keeping McCormick at the forefront of the tacos of tomorrow.”

To get your chance at becoming the next director of taco relations, you’ll need to create a two-minute video describing why you should get the job. You can include your secret taco tips, recipes, and anything else you feel makes you a taco aficionado. When it's ready, fill out the form and submit it here.

You’ll need to be available from September through December and travel will be involved.

Does your love for tacos translate into a real job? Share some of your qualifications in the comments.