Where else can you purchase Rocky Mountain Frogs and Christmas Tree Chocolates?

Nestled on the west side of Loveland, Colorado, Sunny Jim's Candies is standing strong. The quaint, locally-owned candy shop offers treats for any taste, including a variety of sugar-free candy.

On their Facebook page, Sunny Jim's posts its annual menu as well as photos of recent candy creations. While many candy companies add wax to their candies to help the chocolate solidify and to also stretch the batch of chocolate, Sunny Jim's only uses the finest ingredients (without any wax) for the recipes dating back nearly a century.

Almond bark, dipped chocolates, cherry cordials, caramels, brittle (pecan, cashew, coconut, or peanut), and honey mints are all made fresh and quickly become favorites of customers. 

History of Sunny Jim's Candies

According to West Loveland Neighbors, owner Ida Suppes has had her share of triumphs and challenges over the past 30 years. She and her husband, Robert, purchased Sunny Jim's Candies back in 1988. They had never owned or managed a candy store before, so they spent some time learning the trade. And they ended up trading responsibilities with each other. Robert and Ida quickly realized that he was the candy crafter, and she was the business manager.

After Robert's passing in 2007, Ida joyfully persevered and kept the business running successfully. And after the store was flooded in 2013, Ida reopened in an astonishing 2.5 months (instead of the predicted full year).

Today, Ida continues to run the store as a family business. Her daughter, also Ida, and granddaughter, Larissa, have joined in the fun, hard work, and joy of satisfying the public's sweet tooth.

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