COVID-19 ushered in a new era of marketing; here's how brands can thrive. 

We can all agree that COVID-19 has almost irreparably changed the way we do business. Instead of handshakes, we now wave over Zoom. In-store events are now virtual gatherings. If a good or service can't be delivered to a customer's doorstep, the business will fail. So much has changed within a year for business that marketers have all had to make hard pivots in order to get the appropriate messaging out to new and prospective customers. Organizations that once boasted ample budgets were squeezed to a suffocating degree—which meant having to do more with less. 

Soon the population will be vaccinated and business operations will resume (as deemed appropriate by governing bodies), but that doesn't mean things will go back to how they once were. Marketing in a post-pandemic world means having to continue the efforts the public got used to amid the lockdowns while integrating new practices that work within tight budgets and dial into a viable demographic. Below is a breakdown of what marketers can do to overcome the challenges imposed by COVID-19 and move forward in a new era of business.

Content, Content, Content

Even after a pandemic, content is still king. You need to keep articulating your brand message, address any changes imposed by COVID-19, and let customers know regularly of any business updates, promotions, or discounts. 

Get Involved in the Community

Your customers have all felt some sort of sting during the pandemic—be it financially or emotionally. What you can do to boost your company image and increase customer engagement is to give back to the community in the form of pro bono services, virtual events, or donations. No gesture, no matter how small, is wasted in these times. 

Rely on A.I.

If your organization experienced layoffs, enlisting the power of A.I. technology can help replace those lost resources to pick up the slack when it comes to marketing tools like long-form content. 

Let Data Be Your Guide

When you use data to identify audiences, you optimize your ROI. It's likely that your customer base took a hit during the pandemic and using data-driven insights helps carve out new customers who fit your business' demographic. 

Amp Up Your Social Media Presence

If you don't already have a robust social media presence, now is the time to start. With even more of a reliance on desktop computers and mobile devices, you need to take advantage of the "visual real estate" offered by these mediums. Social media allows you to reach your audiences wherever they are—so take advantage of it with promo codes, robust imagery, and thoughtful copy.

Go Back to School

To get a grasp on how other marketers are tackling the challenges of today's business landscape, it may be worth your while to enroll in a master's in marketing program. Here you can meet with fellow marketers and thought leaders who are all navigating and learning how to forge a path towards success. Business schools like the Daniels College of Business are rife with professionals who are seeking to not only improve themselves but to also change the face of modern business for the better. In as little as nine months, you could earn a master's degree that'll make you a coveted resource in any marketing department. 

What would be your incentive to go back to school? Share in the comments.