If you're looking to ditch a traditional desk job, here's why you should think about making the change to a construction career.

There's something uniquely liberating about making a career change. Transferring your existing skills from one concentration to another diversifies your expertise and makes you a valuable asset to a brand-new field. For those who have spent years at a desk and are chomping at the bit for a change, you ought to give the construction world a chance. With so many career paths to choose from, there is truly something for everyone. 

Prior to making the big switch, you need to be willing to learn about the ins and outs of various roles in construction work. There are programs available that can be completed in a matter of weeks that guide you through construction management, cost analysis, equipment installation, job site safety, and much more. By combining your professional experience with credentials in construction, you become a valuable resource to any construction company.

Not convinced? Here's how a few non-construction careers can thrive after making the change:

Information Technology 

Construction is not all about the brick-and-mortar work. Technology wizards are needed more than ever to implement innovative computer programs, augmented reality, and cloud-based applications.

construction laptop cell phone blueprints


Construction companies need to bridge the gap between their goals and the public. By putting out press releases, social media updates, and digital advertising, construction takes on a more humanized appeal. With knowledge in construction, you can provide authentic messaging that speaks to both industry insiders and outsiders.

Graphic Design

From project visuals to company logos, graphic designers bring life to any project. Artistically-gifted individuals who know their way around a construction site can implement optimal website layouts, display advertising, signage, as well as reinforcing company branding. 


Former educators make excellent recruiters and mentors for young construction talent. If you feel that the classroom is no longer your ideal setting, helping young adults find their way after high school may be your next calling. 

Accounting and Finance

If you're gifted with numbers, you'll quickly become a key member of any construction project. Creating budgets, loan applications, providing financial information to company stakeholders, and other monetary needs help keep construction projects going full speed ahead.