Colorado construction workers are always needed—pandemic or no pandemic.

Living in a state where construction work is deemed essential shows that this career path is sustainable in more ways than one. With the COVID-19 closures throwing so many industries for a loop (or destroying them completely), it's a relief to know that there are jobs that are protected in the state of Colorado.

If you think about it, construction work was made for social distancing. Job sites are not open to the public, workers have ample space between one another, protective gear is in abundance, and with many construction jobs taking place outside, there's plenty of bacteria-killing Vitamin D to be had. 

construction workers

Many men and women have been laid off during these unprecedented times and have only recently had a lot of time to think about what an ideal career looks like. Seeking out a career that can withstand difficult tidings like the ones we all witnessed during COVID-19 is going to be the new job security. Construction keeps jobs going, which in turn keeps the economy going, and that's enough to encourage anyone to pick up a toolbox. 

Trade schools like the Colorado Homebuilding Academy have shifted their courses online to educate the latest batch of ready-to-work individuals. There's no harm in adding onto your skillset if it means throwing yourself into a career path that keeps food on the table and delivers a constant supply of job satisfaction.

While every profession is worthy of being deemed "essential," opting for a career that's always needed may be the right change for your future.