Karrikins Group webinars help business professionals tackle modern organizational problems. 

In the time it takes to sit down for a lunch break, the strategic business transformation experts at Karrikins Group will inspire thought-provoking concepts and actionable goals. Each month, they issue a new webinar that addresses modern business struggles and how to overcome them in a professional and effective manner.

Their latest webinar, "Agreement to Alignment in the area of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity", addresses the challenge of where business decisions about diversity and inclusion fail to move forward. What's needed are internal allies who are willing to step up on behalf of under-represented individuals and actively commit to progress. 

Good intentions to improve business practices without action are meaningless. Change requires legwork and it takes time and education for employees and business leaders to understand what needs to be done. No matter what situation your company is in, there is always room for improvement. Thankfully, Karrikins Group's mission is to work closely with organizations to find and remedy pain points to transform business operations. Sometimes, it takes an outside perspective to identify weak areas in order to spur progress. At the end of the day, it's progress, not perfection that organizations need to strive for on a daily basis—and Karrikins can help.

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